Easy gradual Nicotine reduction with Ecigs

Easy gradual Nicotine reduction with Ecigs

We all know nicotine is very addictive. Addictions are never a good thing. While tobacco cigarettes always contain nicotine, electronic cigarettes give you the option to reduce the amount of nicotine in your e-cigarette. If you want, you can get rid of the nicotine step by step. The nicotine reduction in ecigs works way more gradual because you have a broad choice in dosage.

Every addiction is hard to get rid of, but nicotine might be one the hardest. Most people don’t realize how much nicotine they inhaled and for how long. Most people don’t even think about it when smoking tobacco. The first period is the heaviest, but most symptoms should go away within a couple of weeks.

- Hunger. The lack of nicotine makes you want to eat more. A benefit of an electronic cigarette is that you could smoke if you want. This could keep your mind from thinking of food.

- Insomnia. Lots of people smoke a cigarette when they are stressed out. The cigarette helps them relax. Part of this feeling is psychical, but a part of this feeling is physical as well. This last part is totally the nicotine talking and this could cause problems. A lot of people experience stress when quitting nicotine and find it hard to fall asleep. The psychical part is easy to appease with smoking a non-nicotine e-cigarette.

- Headache. Your body needs to adjust to your new way of smoking and a headache is a common side effect. If your quit nicotine at once, this could be a heavy sight effect and will last a couple of days to a week. When you reduce nicotine with e-cigarettes, this side effect is better to handle.

- Hiccups. An annoying symptom of reducing nicotine, but easy to handle are the hiccups. The hiccups will disappear after about a week.

- Bad temper. We already explained cigarettes are often used in stressful situations, because nicotine could calm you down. After using nicotine on a daily basis, our body is used to getting this ‘de-stressing’ medicine on daily basis. Once you quit this, you might get stressed. Your body needs to get used to finding its own way to de-stress: the natural way. This symptom might be one of the worst, but will also dissolve in about a week of two.

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