Ecig Models: everything about the Mid-Size

Ecig Models: everything about the Mid-Size

Choices, choices: sometimes it’s hard to decide what product suits you best. Especially when it comes to electronic cigarettes. Over the last years lots of brands and models were added to the e-cigarette market, but we can divide all these ecig models, sizes and brands in to three types: the mini, the mid-size and the mods (Advanced personal vaporizers). Let’s take a look at the mid-size type electronic cigarettes, the most used model.

Most beginning e-cigarette smokers don’t want a lot of fuss and choose the mini electronic cigarette. This was also the first type of e-cigarette on the market. The second type was the mid-size which is a bit longer and a bit more extensive. This type does offer a lot of benefits, even for beginners.

Common names for mid-size e-cigarettes are Riva, Tornado or eGo. Most of these are used by the more experienced electronic cigarette smokers. Smokers who have been vaping e-cigarettes for a while are likely to switch to a mid-size model. One of the grate benefits of this type is the battery that lasts much longer than the battery of a mini e-cigarette. Most mid-size models last double as long as a mini model. A down side is, off course, the size of a mid-size electronic cigarette. It doesn’t really look and feel like a tobacco cigarette. More like a cigar.

Another advantage of the mid-size e-cigarette is the ‘smoke’ it produces. This is and feels like more than a mini electronic cigarette. Although the mid-size is bigger than the mini, it still is smaller than the mod. The mid-size does also come with a lot of options: the flavor, mouth piece and atomizer can all be changed for a newer and different version.

The mid-size is more expensive than the mini though. It will cost you about 150 percent more, but this type of electronic cigarettes offer a lot more features for the experienced e-cigarette smoker. But beginners can also get used to this type easily. You might need the manual, but it’s no science to get used to a mid-size electronic cigarette.

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