Ecigarette maintenance - Day by day usage

Ecigarette maintenance - Day by day usage

The electronic cigarettes, also known as vapor cigs are very popular, but what keeps many other people from replacing the analogs with these ones is the fact that they don’t know how their daily routine will be affected if they decide to try something new. As I told you, these devices look good and they save you a lot of time and money, so what you should do is to find the one that suits you the best and never look back. Unlike the regular cigarettes, these ones can be used anywhere you want, since they don’t produce any smoke or ash.

The component of the e-cig that you’ll have to constantly change is the cartridge, but that won’t happen as often as you think. Ecigarette maintenance is quite simple. A new cartridge can last as long as approximately 30 normal cigarettes would, so you won’t have to frequently purchase new accessories. When buying refills, be aware that you can choose from various flavors and multiple nicotine levels, so what you get is based on your tastes and needs. If you keep the cartridges sealed, they will last for at least one year and a half. Once you start using it, the liquid will be ready to use for approximately 20 days. If you don’t know the nicotine level you need, you can try various ratios, the regular products having concentrations starting at 0% up to 2.5%, the strongest blend.

If you decide you won’t use your electronic cig for a long time, you must know that the best way of storing it is to put the cartomizer (cartridge and atomizer) in a dry and cool place, the refrigerator being a very good solution. Also, you can separate it from the other components, for not affecting the battery’s life. Getting the battery out when you don’t use it is also a very good solution for protecting the accumulator’s life span. Although you can recharge it overnight, many producers recommend you to stop charging it when the LED shows the battery full stats, also for improving the portability results. The USB power cord will save you a lot of trouble and buying a car kit will let you use it as much as you want while traveling.

One great thing is that the e-cig doesn’t work all the time it is turned on: many of the modern vaping devices have a pressure sensor that detects when you use it and starts in that moment only. Remember to charge it before the battery is completely drained and get the flavors you want, because except this, nothing else will distract you from enjoying vaping.

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