Ecigs, your pets and the dangers involved

Ecigs, your pets and the dangers involved

The popularity of electronic cigarette increases constantly and more and more people make the switch from their perilous tobacco products to these state-of-the-art devices that deliver the same nicotine fix but without any of the smoke, tar and ash. Some of these people also have pets at home, and sometimes the living room seems to be the perfect place to puff on an e-cigarette. But how does vaping, electronic cigarettes and all of the accessories interact with our pets? Let us check out all the facts and draw the conclusions later on.

We all know smoking, especially second hand smoke is particularly hazardous to those around us, and there have been many cases of cancers and diseases caused by this nasty habit. At the same time, there are millions of smokers worldwide and their number is staggering. Although smoking is becoming less popular in many parts of the world, the total number of smokers is growing as a recent report comes to show. Almost 1 billion people make use of combustible tobacco cigarettes on a regular basis and just only imagine how many of these are pet owners. Yes, there are cases of disease and fatalities, but this does not mean that every living thing that inhales tobacco smoke is destined to die young.

The same thing applies to vaping, but with much less intensity. Since electronic cigarettes heat up a nicotine based e-liquid that contains only four or five ingredients, the end result isn’t by far as perilous as tobacco smoke. Yes, there are many reports in the media and if you browse the net, you will probably panic and think you are killing off your pets, but this only comes to show how dramatically headlines can affect our judgment.

Since there have been some studies on the contents of second-hand vapor, we know for sure that even though it’s not 100% safe it’s a far healthier alternative than second-hand smoke. This means that you will be exposing your pet to some aerosols, but the chance of it getting sick by little amount of vapor around the house is drastically minimal.

HOWEVER, if you are a cat owner you need to know that these animals particularly sensitive to propylene glycol, which is one of the ingredients in many e-liquids. Therefore, if you love your cat then you might want to do your best to keep it away from e-cigarette vapor and to clear the air in your room after enjoying your favorite flavor. The other thing you can do is to switch to a high concentration vegetable glycerin e-liquid. There are e-liquids out there 100% propylene glycol free, so they might represent a good alternative.

THE MOST IMPORTAT THING though is to always keep your e-liquid bottles and cartridges stored in a safe place out of your pet’s reach. You know animals are particularly curious, but nicotine is deadly to them and even a small amount of e-liquid on their tongue could be deadly. If you are aware of these things and you act responsible, then you could enjoy vaping in the company of your pet for many years to come without any problems.

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