Ecigs - Reusable and Cost Effective

Ecigs - Reusable and Cost Effective

The discussion is going on and on about the risks involved when using Ecigs. From experience I can tell that these cigarettes give you the same satisfaction as the regular ones, but are healthier and don’t imply any fire or tobacco burning. Ecig devices are powered by a small battery that vaporizes a nicotine solution that will offer you the same effects as regular ones. Although it is referred as a revolutionary piece of technology, it is easy to use and its design is quite simple. It has only four major parts: the cartridge, the battery, the heating element and the electronic parts that consist of sensors and the LED.You’d think that by having so many components, it may look odd, but I’m sure that you can’t spot the difference between it and an analog without using it.

The cartridge it uses comes in various flavors, so it can make every experience unique. The atomizer is the component that turns the liquid cartridge filling into vapors, making it easy to inhale. The technology that makes it so revolutionary is represented by the airflow sensor that detects when you use it and a LED that shows you when it works. This is how it’s made, but all you must really know is that except changing batteries when they are drained, you won’t have to do anything else. Well, at least not until you’ll discover how many cartridge types are available and it will become a hobby to experience new flavors and various nicotine concentrations.

You can choose between low doses that simulate the light cigarettes to some mouthpieces with high dosages that will give you the amount of nicotine you need. The studies show that many smokers that migrated from analog to e-cigarettes said that they feel better. Also, a nice thing is that except the cartridge, everything is reusable and you’ll save some important money. Psychologists consider it a proven fact that the main vice is represented by the idea of having something in your hand and inhaling the smoke or vapors, and not by the chemical addiction. That’s why using Ecigs is ideal: you get the nicotine dose you need without all the harmful substances and you can also smoke wherever you want, using a device with many reusable parts that will considerably reduce your costs.

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