Electronic cigarette components Explained

Electronic cigarette components Explained

An electronic cigarette is made of different mechanisms. Most of the models contains are pretty similar electronic cigarette components, so let’s see what is in an e-cig. Almost every electronic cigarettes contains several electronic circuits, a mouthpiece, a battery and a heating element.

Let’s start with the most important thing of an e-cigarette: the mouthpiece. This piece gives you the feeling of smoking. The mouthpiece is also a cartridge. It’s is placed on the end of the tube. The plastic part, the part you put in your mouth, contains absorbent material drenched in liquid solution. This is where the nicotine is put in. Depending on how much milligram you want to smoke, the solution contains this. The mouthpiece can be refilled or replaced any time.

The second important component of an electronic cigarette is the heating element. This element heats the liquid, causing it to vaporize so that it can be inhaled. This element is called the atomizer and it needs to replaced every three to six months.

The e-cigarette won’t last long without a battery. That’s why this is the biggest part of the electronic cigarette. Most electronic cigarettes contain a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This battery powers the heating element. The life time of the battery depends on how much the e-cigarette is used and how much power the heating element needs.

A lot of people are curious about the cartridge. What’s in it? Most of the solutions are e-liquids. These juices are available in all different kinds of flavors. Almost all solutions contain nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin. The nicotine level is available in vary options too. Some solutions contain zero nicotine while other hold 36 mg of nicotine. Flavors like menthol of tobacco are most comparable with tobacco cigarettes. These flavors are used to help tobacco smokers quit smoking.

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