Electronic Cigarette hype or not

Electronic Cigarette hype or not

A hype is most of the times only popular for a little while. After this period most hypes disappear to be never heard of again. Unless, the product can live up to the hype and keep up with the latest trends. Now that electronic cigarettes are getting more popular every day, will they disappear or live up to the hype?

The expectations of a hype-product are usually really high. If the hype is big, the expectations are even bigger. When a new update or model enters the market, the whole world is watching and critics are ready to totally slash the product. But, in some cases, products live up to the expectations and even a couple negative arguments don’t influence the popularity. Electronic cigarettes seem to live up to the hype pretty good.

The first models of e-cigarettes weren’t made to get popular. Nobody expected an electronic cigarette hype. The e-cigarettes were just an imitation of tobacco cigarettes. Then the different models popped up and smoking electronic cigarettes became more fun. Famous artist and actors started smoking electronic cigarettes and even people who hated smoking admitted they loved e-cigarettes. A whole new idea concerning e-cigarettes was born. It was the start of the e-cigarette hype.

More than five years after the introduction of electronic cigarettes, the e-cigarettes are considered a hype. But, will electronic cigarette keep being popular? Chances are, they will. Off course, it won’t be called a hype anymore, but most research shows that people stick with this product even after a year. E-cigarettes aren’t only used out of curiosity, but also out of health reasons. This makes it more plausible to believe electronic cigarettes will stay popular.

E-cigarettes aren’t here for a short period, but are here to introduce a new lifestyle. A new way of smoking that’s fits to the lives of people from the 21th century. It’s a perfect match with the new generation which does care about their health and money again. For these reasons we can easily assume electronic cigarettes will keep up with the newest hypes, fashion and lifestyle. One thing is for sure

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