Do Electronic cigarettes contain anti-freeze?

Do Electronic cigarettes contain anti-freeze?

Electronic cigarettes are a big mystery to a lot of people. While the curiosity grows worldwide, the critics do as well. Even anti-smoking organizations keep disagreeing about rather electronic cigarettes are a safe alternative or not. The opponents of e-cigarettes even say electronic cigarettes contain anti-freeze.

Antifreeze can be made of methanol, Ethylene glycol or Propylene glycol. Methanol is a chemical alcohol and is colorless, flammable and poisonous. It smells a bit sweet and is used as antifreeze for de-icers for your car, gasoline additives or washer liquids for your windshields. Methanol is also named naphtha, methyl alcohol or wood alcohol.

Ethylene glycol is also poisonous for humans or other animals. It’s not recommendable to leave it lying around the house, because it smells and tastes really sweet. An accidental zip of ethylene glycol could kill a person. If someone has ethylene glycol in their body, chances are big nobody will even notice this, because the symptoms are the same as many other illnesses. Ethylene glycol grows in the lungs, heart, brains and kidneys and damages them every minute. Dependable of the amount of ethylene glycol in your body, it could take days or even weeks before the substance actually causes death.

Ethylene glycol is a very popular antifreeze. It was invented in 1926 and is called permanent antifreeze. It can be used in very cold situations, but also in very hot situations. This makes ethylene glycol perfect for a lot of products including the auto industry.

Propylene glycol is getting more popular these last years. Because this substance is a non-toxic antifreeze, even the automobile industry is using it more often. Propylene glycol is used in water pipes at homes because ingestion might be possible, but also in foods you can find propylene glycol. The FDA recently confirmed propylene glycol as non-toxicity and says it can be added to processed food like baked sweets, ice cream or frozen custard. Some antifreeze products contain PG just to make the product less toxic.

Well, what’s inside electronic cigarettes? Several independent labs confirmed there is no ethylene glycol or methanol in electronic cigarettes. The e-cigarette manufacturers are willing to show customers what’s in their product and they confirmed as well there was none of these substances in e-cigarettes. However, electronic cigarettes do contain propylene glycol.

Although propylene glycol is labeled by the FDA as non-toxic and we probably swallow if pretty often, is does scare a lot of people. Most people don’t know what it is and because of the use as antifreeze they think it’s toxic. However, propylene glycol is on the market for a while and used in a lot of products. How come nobody ever worries about the substance before?

The reason for this is probably that the food industry isn’t as open about what they put in their products as the electronic cigarette industry. It wasn’t until the last years that people started researching foods themselves and found out what dangers were in a simple hand of veggies. Propylene glycol might not be toxic or harmful if it’s used the right way, but the other products used in processing or maintaining foods could be.

Luckily we can do our own research and apparently e-cigarettes don’t contain toxic. Electronic cigarettes contain a substance which is use in antifreeze to make it less toxic. It’s a substance that could come down your tap or could be in your ice cream. Propylene glycol in e-cigarettes helps to produce the vape which replaces the smoke from a tobacco cigarette. The heating device heats up the e-liquid which transforms into vape. Vape is the same thing as you inhale when you take a relaxing steam bath, it’s actually just air.

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