Electronic cigarettes for ladies

Electronic cigarettes for ladies

Despite the fact that smoking cigarettes used to be associated with masculine figures like the Marlboro Man and cowboys, ladies also have smoked cigarettes throughout the years to show their independence and to be more fashionable. But as soon as electronic cigarettes have entered the market less than a decade ago, they have built a solid and reputable female clientele mainly because they represent a much healthier alternative to tobacco and lack many of the side effects. It’s kind of sexy to see a woman puffing out tobacco smoke, but the negative sides of this statement can be spotted once you come closer: yellowish teeth, tobacco breath and smelly hands and hair are just some of bad effects, not even considering the impact on the general health and the shortage of lifespan. With electronic cigarettes, ladies can make the same independence and fashion statement but without ever worrying about the negatives of combustible tobacco.

A lot of women celebrities have been witnesses taking long and passionate puffs on their electronic cigarettes and this fact alone made the popularity of these devices sky-rocket. Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Katherine Heigl, Jenny McCarthy and even Britney Spears became true ambassadors of the smokeless nicotine delivery systems.

E-cigarettes come in many shapes and sizes and depending on the age, some models are more appealing to ladies than others. When we are talking about women over 27 years old, the traditional cigarette-a-like is hard to beat and this is the reason for which some companies have become specialized in selling these models alone. They have approximately the same shape and size of a real cigarette and they even have an LED-lit end to mimic the smoking process entirely. They are very light weight and since they are automatic and activated with every draw, they are much simpler to use. Once the cartridge is depleted, putting on a new one is done with much ease and the same goes for recharging the battery.

From all the brands out there, clearly the most influential one on electronic cigarettes for ladies is Vapor Couture, the sister company of the renowned manufacturer V2 Cigs. They offer the same high quality and good taste but with a lot more style, designed more as fashion accessories and intended solely for women. Certainly an e-cigarette brand that listen to the needs of female vapers and came out with various starter kits to match anyone’s needs.

On the other hand, for ladies with the ages between 22 and 27, advanced personal vaporizer and mechanical mods seem to hit the spot perfectly. Paired with stylish drip tips, Swarovski accessories and delicious e-liquid flavors, these vaporizers have taken their minds from tobacco and offered something to be proud about.

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