Electronic cigarettes could lower your insurance rates

Electronic cigarettes could lower your insurance rates

The insurance rate on the private market for smokers went sky high the last ten years. Filling in that you’re a smoker on an insurance intake, already makes you feel you’re throwing away millions of dollars. And this is kind of true. The last couple of years, especially in the United Kingdom, people have tried to found if they can lower their costs if they use electronic cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes. According to the Telegraph they can.

In the United States the discussion on insurances on the private market has not gone that far yet. However, in the UK it’s ongoing for years. This is probably due to the less strict way of handling insurances; this makes it easier to innovate. About 10 percent of the UK population has an insurance on the private market. And now appears some of these people succeeded in changes their insurance for a smoker into one for a non-smoker while they do use electronic cigarettes. These means their rate has gone down dramatically.

It’s not said all insurances will do this. More research is probably needed and a period of time might be introduced as well. Off course, your lungs won’t be clean the moment you stop smoking tobacco cigarettes. People who stopped smoking can still experience the downside of tobacco. However, your body will start recovering right away.

Another fact is that some e-cigarettes smokers still smoke tobacco cigarettes too. It might be less, but they still continue to smoke. Electronic cigarette do also contain nicotine most of the times. Although this is by far not as harmful as tobacco, insurance might rate your for this too. Rules about nicotine aren’t there yet, but might be added when more insurances get confronted with electronic cigarettes.

How en when the insurance industry will regulate of recognize electronic cigarettes, a first step is made. Some companies already recognize the difference and are willing to adjust rates for users of e-cigarettes.

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