Electronic cigarettes in the plane

Electronic cigarettes in the plane

Traveling with your electronic cigarettes in the plane might give you some strange reactions. People don’t understand what it is and you probably have to explain yourself several time. At this point there are no rules for e-cigarettes yet, but don’t get to exited, because a lot of airlines will still ask you not to use your e-cigarette.

The thing that confuses a lot of people is that electronic cigarettes look so much like tobacco cigarettes. As a regular e-cigarette user, you’re probably used to getting stared at or people asking you what you’re doing when you ‘light up’ an electronic cigarette in a public place. The same goes for airplanes. There are no rules yet, you’re actually allowed to smoke an e-cigarette in the plane, but be sure to check this with the airline before taking off.

The best way to do so is to e-mail the airline before your flight. If you can, include a print of the TSA regulations for flying in your e-mail. This way the airline can see for themselves that there are no rules for e-cigarettes in planes yet. This might be handy, because a lot of people just hear ‘cigarette’ and think this it’s not allowed in the plane. If the airline gives you a ‘go’, take the e-mail with you when you’re traveling.

Although you already have a ‘go’, you might want to consider with the cabin attendant as well. Just to prevent any hassle and discussions during the flight. Show them the e-mail and explain them too that there are no rules. If they see the e-mail they’ll probably allow you to use your electronic cigarette.

Although the cabin attendant and the airline itself confirmed that you can use your e-cigarette, you can still expect some trouble. Once somebody sees the vape, which looks like smoke, they probably will be shocked and start complaining. This is something you need to consider. It might be an idea to warn your neighbors, but you’ll have to explain again and again and again. For a short flight it might not be worth the trouble.

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