Electronic cigarettes threaten tobacco?

Electronic cigarettes threaten tobacco?

Are cigarettes really more healthy than tobacco? In this article we explain the advantages and disadvantages of the electronic cigarette compared to the tobacco cigarette. do e cigarettes really threaten the tobacco industry or is it just a hype?

The electronic cigarettes are a relatively new invention, the first products being created in 2003, and currently not a very big part of the whole cigarette market. Only the United States the market is approximately of $80 billion, but the e-cigs are not even 1% of this whole industry. But being well-known the fact that this new business doubled the sales each year from 2008 to 2013, and all the manufacturers are constantly developing new and better products, it is a very interesting subject. This and the fact that according to CDC, almost 70% of the smokers want to quit doing it and are always looking for an alternative, one that can always be provided by the e-cig.

From the moment when people started realizing the harmful effects of the analog cigs, there were many solutions offered for helping everyone get rid of the nicotine addiction, but none was able to fight all the psychological and physiological aspects, until the electronic cigs. The nicotine liquid will help you solve your nicotine addiction and the cigarette-like design will offer you the same user experience. A very delicate subject is the fact that although many clinical studies showed that inhaling e-liquid is healthier than smoking, the manufacturers e-cigarette aren't allowed to advertise their products as non-harmful. The single thing that is clearly said is that the electronic ones are healthier than the regular ones.

Although the tests of some important universities and associations showed that there are some important benefits in vaping instead of smoking, FDA decided to be against the e-cigs, considering them more of a drug delivery system than a smoking device, but this decision was quickly contradicted by a Federal Court. Once they even asked for stopping the import of the electronic cigs, but it was a demand that never had any chances to be approved. Many of the e-cigarette manufacturers are proud of their products and the main idea in building them seems to be the perfect resemblance between these electronic devices and the ones using tobacco. That's why if the initial design was more futuristic, the new trends seem to follow the classic cigarette model, while the flavors that simulate the tobacco taste seem to be more and more popular.

By knowing the fact that there are no major concerns in using the e-cig and that the development of this product seems to improve it day by day, you can be sure that the fast progress of the electronic cigarette will follow its pattern and new better and cheaper devices will offer you a healthier alternative to the classic ones.

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