Electronic cigarettes – the only way to get your nicotine fix indoors

Electronic cigarettes – the only way to get your nicotine fix indoors

Electronic cigarettes have gone from novelty devices a few years ago to the daily companions of millions of people around the world. There is endless discussion on why analog cigarettes are entirely hazardous for one’s health, but the fact that they are so unbelievably unhealthy for your home too can often go overlooked.

But many smokers know this very well and after making the switch to the e-cigarette and still got their nicotine fix indoors, they can clearly see through the smoke and appreciate the ways their home is much cleaner and more comfortable when vaping. We all know that cars or houses that belong to non-smokers sell a lot faster and for more money and it’s no surprise. The effects smoking can have on a building are the same as those inside your body and lungs. From the coloring of the curtains and the walls to the repelling smell that gets inside your carpets and furniture, smoke and ash are responsible for a lot of other hazards to your home.

The first and most important aspect is that there is no longer the fear of accidental fires. Each year over 1,000 Americans are killed in cigarette related fires and millions of dollars of propriety are destroyed. By making the switch to ecigarettes the risk is gone since these devices don’t use any real fire and they can’t accidentally turn themselves on.

The second aspect is represented by the stains around your house. And we don’t only talk about the walls and ceilings. In addition to these, there are countless other surfaces in your home that can bear the damage of smoke: Floors, fans, furniture, curtains, and even wallpaper can be ruined, needing repairs or replacing as a result.

Then, there is the air conditioning system. Especially if you live in an extreme climate, your heating/cooling facility usually functions by filtering the air inside your home and therefore smoking creates an excess of particles which can put your system on overdrive as it will need constant replacement or cleaning of its filters or might just break down. On the other hand, electronic cigarettes only create vapor and not extra particles; therefore there will be no additional stress on your air conditioner.

Cigarette smoke can also cause electronic components to corrode. Because it clings to every surface it comes into contact with, especially those that are emitting heat (like computers, LCDs or stereos), smoke and tar will accumulate, and cause additional dust to stick to it. This instead causes build up over time, which can be potentially hazardous. Dust occurs anyway so why add to the problem? Make the switch today to ecigarettes and prolong the life of all the electronics inside your house.

Also, as an added bonus the smiles on your visitors’ faces will be priceless. Your home will be a much safer and healthier environment for children and pets with no foul smells or dangerous particles lurking around.

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