Eversmoke vs Volcano

Eversmoke vs Volcano

Electronic cigarettes have managed to gain more and more ground in the last few years, and established a great reputation as analog substitutes. Two very well-known and highly appreciated brands are EverSmoke and Volcano, both of them offering premium products of superior quality. While the EverSmoke e-cigarettes were designed to look exactly like analog cigarettes, Volcano chose more innovative and original patterns and opted for three different designs called Inferno, Magma and Lavatube. Both brands offer more than one starter kit, with prices that go as low as $59.99 for the EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit and $74.99 for the Magma or Inferno Starter Kits.

EverSmoke e-cigarettes are preferred by people who are looking for a product that can give them an authentic cigarette-like sensation and feel. However, their e-cigs can be personalized by choosing a customized battery color. Moreover, this brand has developed a technology called VaporMax, which was created to ensure maximum amount of vapor with each draw. Although their choice of design attracts only a certain crowd, their electronic cigarettes are of superior quality, being very easy to change a cartridge and charge the battery. Volcano on the other hand, offers something for every lifestyle and age. Their Magma e-cig resembles an analog and it suits best people who are trying to make the switch or people who have been smoking for a long time and are not interested in anything that doesn’t look like the cigarette they’ve been used to. The Inferno is bigger, with a more innovative form and extended battery life. It was designed for people who smoke half-a-pack a day or more and it offers a much richer amount of vapor. And their last e-cigarette is the Lavatube, which comes in seven different colors and has a multitude of features, as opposed to a regular e-cig.

When it comes to flavors, both of these brands have a wide selection that includes several tobacco blends, menthol and fruity ones. EverSmoke limits your options at buying new cartridges, while Volcano also sells their own e-liquid. And, since it’s hard to choose your favorite flavor from the first try, EverSmoke created a Flavor Sampler that has six different flavors for you to try. Volcano bet on diversity all the way and offers more than 30 e-liquid flavors, as well as flavored cartomizers. EverSmoke offers a 30-day money guarantee and life warranty for any defective parts, while Volcano limits their warranty for batteries and chargers to only 1-year and doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee, but will try to fix and replace the damaged pieces.

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