An exciting incursion into the world of mechanical mods

An exciting incursion into the world of mechanical mods

As opposed to regular cig-a-likes or eGo style vaporizers, mechanical mods are unregulated voltage devices that operate by point of contact. This means that the device is powered by the battery touching the contacts in the unit without the help of any extra wiring or a circuit board. The output voltage in a mechanical mod will vary depending on different factors like the size of the battery that is being used or if the battery is fully charged or not.

A good analogy is that of a car’s rev limiter. Each time you step on the gas pedal to hard, the rev limiter will prevent the engine from over-revving and your car will accelerate smoothly. When using a simple electronic cigarette or an AVP, the internal circuits of the device prevent the atomizer from over-heating and you will have a smooth and constant vape. When using a mechanical mod, it will feel like a turbocharged ecig with the most amazing vapor production ever.

Because these mods are unregulated, they are designed to work with protected lithium-ion batteries. These act as the device’s rev limiter and prevent short circuits, over current, overheating and even the explosion of batteries. However, some mechanical mods can be used also with unprotected batteries, but only with the addition of a ‘Kick Protection Chip’ like in the case of the Kamry K100.

These sorts of devices are not intended for everyone and we recommend extra caution and a lot of documentation before purchasing one. Only after understanding the inner workings of your e-cigarette be able to learn how exactly to customize the small details because mechanical mods give users the ability to experience one of the most ‘wild’ vaping sensations and also the chance of using very low resistance atomizers. These will operate at very high temperatures and deliver some of the most amazing vapors you have ever tasted in an electronic cigarette. Nevertheless, be extra careful not to use any atomizers with the resistance less than 1.8 Ohms.

But before making an investment in the world of mechanical mods (the genuine devices are quite expensive, going anywhere from $70 to more than $200) you should firstly purchase a multi meter. This is a fairly cheap device that will help you a lot with your mod. You can test the capacity of the battery and also the resistance of your atomizers.

Remember, the most important thing in any mechanical mod is the battery. You should always use IMR (lithium manganese oxide) or protected batteries with your device because it diminishes the risks of overheating and explosion.

Also the quality of the chargers is also crucial, and while some types may seem a few dollars cheaper, you should not make any sacrifices when it comes to safety. A fully charged battery should only be between 4 .15 to 4.20 volts; anything above 4.25 v can short-circuit.

Always make sure insert the batteries the right way and keep in mind that the mod needs to have proper ventilation holes inside to dissipate the heat.

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