A Florida vape shop burglarized for $500.000

A Florida vape shop burglarized for $500.000

With the ever-increasing popularity of the e-cigarette, more and more vape shops and lounges are flourishing all over the United States. However, all of the popularity comes at a price, considering the recent bans, regulations and taxes but above all, many people have understood that the e-cig business can be very prosperous and they want a share of the income. Some do this by opening their own shop; others take advantage of those already opened. One of Dania Beach top e-cigarette businesses has been burglarized and thieves have made off with almost half a million dollars of products.

One of the top e cigarette reviews believes that this is evidence that the demand for top quality ecig products is at an all-time high. In fact, there have been speculations that there is an active underground e-cig black market that has been sustained by the ever-increasing demand for vaping.

Diesel Marine Solutions located in Dania Beach, Tigertail Blvd was the first scene, where the owner spoke to the detectives about someone opening a bay door and pulling a truck inside. The suspects then started creating a hole through the wall located between Diesel Marine and ECigrus LLC, a neighboring vape shop.

The owner of the electric cigarette shop, Mr. Beleli was quoted saying that ‘I’m speechless; I don’t know what to say’. However, as unfortunate as it may seem, this is not the first time that this has happened to his electronic cigarette business. In 2013, his store in Hollywood was burgled and then the thieves made off more than $150 000 worth of vaping products.

The company, which supplies other businesses all over the US with e- cigarette products, had taken a hit, losing this time nearly half a million vape products. To be more specific, the thieves stole around 100,000 bottles of e-liquid, which Beleli says is his best selling merchandise. The whole incident was captured on surveillance video; however, the owner reported that the thieves were very careful to avoid all the alarms and motion detectors throughout the heist.

‘They emptied us out,’ said Justin Darmon of E-Cigarettes Wholesale.

According to the police, the whole incident was caught on the surveillance cameras. The footage presented the thieves crawling going through the side and then stealing the boxes full of goods from the company's shelves.

Belei also declared that he is the only distributor and point of sale for the particular brand of ecigs and the e-liquid range, according to BSO.

‘It's like selling gold, nobody can get it,’ said Darmon. ‘We're the only authorized dealer in the United States.’

Many of the owner’s losses are hoped to be covered by insurance, which he included that he does have. After the matter took place, Beleli said that he is working diligently with his customers to keep them supplied, and also stated that he has future plans to increase the security at his business.

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