Geeks love e-cigarettes too

Geeks love e-cigarettes too

Not only the fashionistas are crazy about electronic cigarettes and every component, new style or brand on the market: tech geeks love e-cigarettes too! A quick look at one of the electronic cigarette conventions, confirmed the great amount of techies walking around. They seem to develop quite the interest for the vapers.

A lot of people see e-cigarettes as a real fashion item nowadays. People want the newest brands, models and components and show them off on the street or at an e-cigarette convention. People even start to organize events for e-smokers and refer to electronic cigarettes as ‘vapers’. The vaping experience seems to develop a new kind of culture.

Off course the tech geeks aren’t into e-cigarettes because of the appearance. They probably don’t even care about the whole ‘vaping’ experience. What does interest the techies are the components of the electronic cigarette. The way it’s built, it’s multiply models and the techniques used for an electronic cigarette.

“It’s actually really interesting”, Roger Strovicz says. He has been a computer techie since he could walk. “Most products are built to make it easy for anybody to use. No complicated switches or handles: just easy to use for everybody. Electronic cigarettes are indeed easy to use as well, but it’s not the first priority. The first priority was and is to provide the customer with a product that’s similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette. An e-cigarette needs smoke, something to hold on too and a light that glows. I think the industries have done a good job in creating a technical product that feels and looks about the same as the original product. But, in a healthy way.”

The techniques and components of an e-cigarette develop really fast. Most electronic cigarettes contain of five parts: the tip (mouth piece), the housing, the battery, an atomizer to heat the liquid and a tank for the liquid. A lot of e-cigarette can be supplemented with lots of new parts.

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