General e-cigarette battery safety tips

General e-cigarette battery safety tips

You have probably heard a lot in the media about exploding batteries and recent fire hazards, but there are a few e-cigarette safety tips you need to understand before it is too late. First of all you need to understand the battery is an essential component of your cig-a-like / personal vaporizer that provides the necessary voltage required to heat up the atomizer and turn e-liquid into those delicious clouds of vapor you love so much. We are going to talk a bit today about the batteries used in AVPs or MODs and how to keep things safe and pleasant all the time.

When referring to mods, there are essentially two types of batteries used by vapers all around the world: ICR and IMR. The ICR is your typical Li-Ion battery or LiCoO2 while on the other hand, IMR batteries are made of LiMn. It is typically known and accepted that IMR batteries use a safer chemical reaction than ICRs, a reason for which ICR batteries can be purchased with and without protection circuits. IMR batteries are designed to undergo higher discharge rates than ICRs and this makes them ideal for sub-ohm vaping and mechanical mods. And even though ICR batteries have higher storage capacity (mAh) they may not always be able to deliver the amps requires to power your device.

To always be on the safe side with your batteries, here are some recommendations:

Always use any electronic cigarette or improvised mod at your own risk and be well aware of what are the dangers you’re exposing yourself to.

Always label or date your batteries with a sticker or marker so you know how long they have been in-use. Even though they are still working after a year it’s recommended you toss them aside and buy replacements.

Only purchase your batteries from respectable vendors, and always be skeptical on inflated mAh readings on those shady e-bay offerings. There are so many good battery vendors out there and the price you pay will reflect in the quality of the product.

If your device is protected, then you should be safe no matter what battery you choose. If not, use a safer chemistry IMR or ‘hybrid’ and/or a mod fuse that you can find online.

Always go for a quality smart charger, as it will never make your batteries explode and will prolong their life-span.

Never over discharge your battery. When you’re getting close to the 3.3volts limit, it’s time to put that thing back in its charger.

Always pay attention on how you are carrying your batteries. Never put them in the same pocket or compartment with keys or any other metal accessories. Exposed batteries have the potential to short when not properly protected.

It’s not a very a good idea to stack but if it’s imperative then use only protected batteries, a fuse, and always pair the same kind of batteries bought at the same time.

Don’t buy knock-offs and always be very careful on choosing only authentic devices.

Before you even touch an unregulated mod, make sure you have memorized Ohm’s Law, and know how to apply it to what you are doing.

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