General safety tips when refilling your cartridges or tanks

General safety tips when refilling your cartridges or tanks

A brand new trend is shifting the face of the e-cigarette industry as the popularity of these devices it’s at its peak since they were first introduced back in 2006. The electronic cigarette market is growing and developing as more users make the switch from tobacco but in some parts of the U.S., sales of combustible look-a-likes are slowing down. On the other hand, the sales of larger customizable devices known as mods or AVPs are increasing at about twice the rate. As the necessity for simple two-piece models that use disposable flavor cartridges drops down, more vapers will have to refill their clearomizers or tanks manually and since many fear getting their hands dirty, we’ve compiled a couple of tips to clear the waters for you.

The first thing you need to be well aware of when refilling your e-cigarette is that e-liquids are nicotine based solutions. In its purest form, liquid nicotine is a poison that can be very dangerous to humans and animals if proper precautions are not taken. But just because pure nicotine is not available for purchase and most e-liquids have relatively small concentrations of the substance doesn’t mean you can forget about this drug’s potential effects an refill your tank without any concern.

Always keep your e-liquid bottles safe and well out of the reach of children and pets. Since they have a lower body weight the amount of nicotine in small e-liquid bottle could be fatal if ingested. And besides ingestion, nicotine is a substance that can be absorbed through the skin also. So, keep in mind to always keep your ecig accessories safe and even locked in a drawer.

Protective gear is necessary. You do not want to be getting e-liquid on yourself as you attempt to refill your cartridges or tanks. Of course, it is not like getting pure liquid nicotine on you but some precautions are always welcomed. Purchase some one-time-use latex gloves and wear a long sleeve shirt. If you are a DIY enthusiasts and want to go the extra mile of mixing the e-liquid yourself or creating it from scratch then safety goggles are also a good idea.

If you are going for refillable e-cigarette cartridges or using a bigger tank, the company you purchase from will most likely have some instructions or guidelines on how to refill their product. For refilling basic cartridges there are a few popular methods that you will see most vapers using. The two that stand out for are the drip method and the so-called ‘condom’ method.

Some of the top brands don’t even recommend refilling their e-cig cartridges as they are designed for single use. While it may be possible to do it anyway, we wouldn’t recommend it, as it could void the warranty on the battery you are using and create some nasty spills. If you are planning to refill, go for a brand that also sells e-liquid, they are sure to have some models with reusable cartridges, clearomizers or tanks.

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