German company OLIG AG has developed a smokeless tobacco cigarette

German company OLIG AG has developed a smokeless tobacco cigarette

With the introduction of the electronic cigarette on the market, many tobacco companies have realized the importance of having a safer, healthier alternative to traditional smoking that does not imply using nicotine gum or patches. A German company called ‘Olig AG’ has developed the revolutionary smokeless tobacco cigarette, that allegedly delivers the same taste smokers desire but without any of the smoke associated with regular analogs. The cigarette is called ‘Sensitive-C’ and is qualified by the German and EU legislation as a tobacco product.

The revolutionary design allows users to enjoy the same taste and nicotine intake as with regular tobacco analogs but without the hazardous effects of smoke, chemicals, tar and ash. The design is very similar to that of traditional tobacco cigarettes from the filter-like mouthpiece, to the classical cigarette paper and tobacco. The principle of functioning is however very different. Instead of lighting up the Sensitive-C like any normal cigarette, the user has to slightly press the tip of the device to activate a heating element inside that is placed inside.

The high temperature produced is enough to release the nicotine and flavor from the dried tobacco but not sufficient to ignite it and produce smoke. As stated on their official website, ‘the calming effect of tobacco, the familiar aroma and the perceived heat produce the unique approximation to a cigarette never before reached by any of Sensitive-C´s predecessors.’ The company wants to create a new type of tobacco enjoying society in which the nicotine isn’t as demonized as in our days. Without any smoke, this cigarette might just be enjoyed in all the places that are under the smoking ban like public buildings, aircrafts, bars and restaurants.

Throughout its development process, Sensitive-C has been tested by many independent experts and institutions:

The Leibniz-Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies with the expertise on the functionality as a “smoke-free cigarette”

The Johann-Friedrich-Böttger Institute with laboratory testing on the heating element

The IUT Institute for Environmental Technologies GmbH in Berlin with tests regarding nicotine

RKW Expert in Dresden with the auditing of the business plan and of the production concept

The Waste Management Association of Central Germany has issued the certification of environmental compatibility and recyclability of materials for the product

The German Board of Trustees for Rationalization confirmed the project after having tested the market conformity and classified it even as eligible for promotion

If Sensitive-C will be released on the market, it will be distributed over the same channels as classical cigarettes, including kiosks, duty-free shops or cigarette dispensing machines. While there are some interested parties like ‘the cigarette industry, the pharmaceutical industry, big corporate groups, lifestyle companies, funds and investment companies and all industries which are directly or indirectly affected by the effects of the non-smoking legislation’ the company is looking for an investor in order to start production.

But, while it may sound as a real breakthrough, we think that the website was created before the electronic cigarette gained so much popularity because there’s nothing mentioned about this direct competitor. Nevertheless, if it goes to production it will offer smokers another alternative to the dangers of tobacco smoke and chemicals.

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