Government gets more control over e-cigarettes

Government gets more control over e-cigarettes

Lawmakers in Europe have adopted a law which makes it possible for the government to increase the oversight of electronic cigarettes. The government would have more control over e-cigarettes and where they're used and sold.

A great majority of the European Parliament voted in favor of the law. The law limits the amount of nicotine in an electronic cigarette to 20 mg per milliliter which is according to the Parliament similar to tobacco cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes must be provided with warning labels which show that there’s nicotine in the e-cigarette, because nicotine is addictive. The package should be totally child proof. The new rules will be effective in 2016.

The electronic cigarette manufacturers are actually not disappointed by the new law. Most e-cigarettes don’t contain over 18 milligram of nicotine and the package are already child proof. Because an e-cigarette is an electronic device, children should never come near it anyway. This is why most quality brands have safety boxes to store the e-cigarette. The rules still allow people who want to stop smoking to buy a package without any hassle and the nicotine is the reason why they’re able to actually stop.

The only unclear factor is the vaporizer. Vaporizers are similar to electronic cigarettes, but often used by experienced vapors and techies. These people often don’t use nicotine (anymore) in their device. They don’t need nicotine, but do love to vape sometimes. These devices don’t look like cigarettes anymore and are actually a whole new product on the market. A warning for nicotine on a product without nicotine is a bit odd. Chances are a new kind of regulation or law will be introduced in the future for vaping devices. Until now health organizations stayed completely quit about these devices.

Vaporizers are often used during vape meetings. Most of the people who attend these meetings did already stop smoking tobacco and are just interested in new feature, accessories or models.

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