Green Smoke vs South Beach vs V2

Green Smoke vs South Beach vs V2

The fact that makes the electronic cigarettes so difficult to compare is that almost every brand comes with so many flavors and varieties of products that every single one is ideal on its niche, satisfying a different type of customer. That's why today we like to compare three brands that are considered the best choices, no matter if we are talking about starter kits or the multitude of aromas available. In this article we will compare Green smoke vs south beach vs V2 ecigarettes

The first thing you're interested in is probably the price for a basic Starter kit. Well, if the Green Smoke Express kit and the South Beach Deluxe Starter kit are almost $60, at V2 Cigs you have multiple options, starting from $24.95 to an Ultimate kit that's almost $160, but also having a package that seems to include everything the first two do at $49.95. All these three companies produce e-cig vapes that are built using the two pieces modern system, all of them offer the choice of nicotine levels and you have many options when it comes to tobacco flavors.

A very important thing to know is that the declared number of puffs per cartridge is 250 for South Beach and V2, while Green Smoke is proud to say that one single recipient can last for 360-400 puffs. All these brands will offer you a standard capacity battery plus an Extra capacity one, making it very easy for you to travel or simply forget about charging your device.

What I'd like to add is that the prices for cartridges offered by all these companies are very good, so you can buy a 5-pack from Green Smoke for $16.99 or $12.95 from V2, while South Beach offers a revolutionary 15-pack at $34.99. You'll be glad to find out that all of them ship worldwide, no matter where you live, directly to your house. All these products were lab tested and they can be safely used, because none of these e-cigarettes' ingredients are harmful.

If you think that these products will get damaged after being used for a while, you must know that all these three manufacturers offer lifetime warranty, that's why from the moment you make the purchase, your one and single concern will be to have enough e-liquid. Users from all around the world loved the vapor level of these cigarettes, with a plus for Green Smoke and V2, but things aren't bad for South Beach either, due to the fact that its performance was considered excellent. All these products are great, tested and already beloved by everybody, but if this isn't enough for you, probably the fact that all these brands have a 30day money back policy will make you press the Buy now button without thinking twice.

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