Halo vs Choice 7 Comparison

Halo vs Choice 7 Comparison

When you’ve really decided to purchase a product, many cigarette brands will look the same to you. Yeah, they may have slightly different characteristics, but nothing that makes the difference. That’s why instead of simply listing these two electronic cigarettes’ technical details, I’ll try to Halo vs Choice 7 based on several features that aren’t very well-known.

Let’s start with the Halo ecigarette manufacturers. They are an Australian company, founded by a guy that tells about himself that he smoked for 40 years and was looking for an alternative. A smaller company compared with Choice7, although I’m not sure what this could mean. In general, smaller companies offer better customer service, but aren’t capable of offering big discounts.

Comparing the designs of these two brands, I can clearly say that Choice7 decided to go with a clean, but futuristic design, like they want to be sure that you’ll get noticed while using it. On the other hand, the Halos keep a classic analog-like design, which will surely confuse everyone. If you don’t want silly questions about what on Earth you’re using, you should go with them, although I’m sure that no one will let you use it indoors, being fooled by its aspect.

If there’s one thing similar between these two brands, that’s the fact that both of them wanted to offer a huge e-liquid variety. That’s why you can choose from almost 30 different flavors on each of their shops, from classic aromas to the most exotic or even weird ones. They both offer very affordable starter kits and elegant travel cases, making it difficult to compare them over this criteria. One thing I wanted to tell you about is the fact that Halo uses a technology named Thermoflow. What’s so special about it? Well, in order to turn the e-liquid into vapors, the electronic cigarette must heat it. On many e-cigs, this results into vapors that are much hotter than the smoke produced by the analog cigs, making the experience not very pleasant, but it seems that Halo solved it. Talking about technological improvements, Choice7’s contribution could be represented by the fact that they decided to separate the battery of the cigarette from its body, so if it will ever get broken, you’ll only replace the accumulator, instead of the whole product.

To conclude, I must say that it is difficult to offer you a clear answer about which one to buy, because in my opinion, Halo and Choice7 are two different products, each one great in its own way. None of them have known technical issues and both these companies have their fans that will never accept that the other one is better, but in the end I recommend you to get the one that looks the way you want and the one that offers the flavors you want.

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