Ideas for vaping Christmas presents (I)

Ideas for vaping Christmas presents (I)

The winter holidays are knocking on our doors and since this is a very magical time of the year we are set by nature on sharing and bringing joy to our loved ones. For every vaper this is the time to dream about new gear while for a heavy smoker it might just be the time to make the switch from the hazardous tobacco to a much safer nicotine delivery alternative.

If you are looking to pick something nice for a loved one, then here are some ideas to help you make the right decision:

First of all, let’s say you want to surprise a friend that is a smoker and get him started on e-cigarettes. If you friend is a female then you have a few choices to put a nice big smile on her face. Depending on the age you could go from anything from a cig-a-like starter kit to a state of the art personal vaporizer. The thing you need to understand is that women, especially those over 40 don’t necessarily embrace complicated procedures like building coils, wicking tanks or refilling with e-liquid. This is why cig-a-likes are the perfect alternative – because they are extremely easy to operate and they don’t require anything except recharging and changing of cartomizers.

There are many brands that offer cig-a-like starter kits from V2, GreeSmoke, Bullsmoke, Eversmoke to the e-cigarette company made for women: Vapor Couture. They all offer cartomizers out of the box, and you can also buy additional cartos with your order as they generally come in packs of five. To recharge the battery one simply needs to unscrew the carto and connect the unit to the USB charger or wall charger. Replacement the cartomizer once is depleted is done in the same easy why and this is why cig-a-likes are the best suited gift in this situation.

For ladies over 20 years old, we believe that personal vaporizer might be more appealing since they are very fashionable and deliver a far superior vaping experience. The Kanger EVOD, the Innokin iTaste vv/vw or the Cool Fire I are all perfect alternatives. You can also pick something a bit more powerful like an MVP V2 box mod or the Vamo V5. By all means, together with the mod you could also buy a battery, an intelligent charger and a bottle of dessert e-liquid. Something fruity always does the trick regardless of age.

If you already bought something as a present but would still like it if your friend experimented with e-cigarettes at least once you can always buy one or two disposables to put inside that gift box. These are far less expensive and you can buy them almost anywhere. You should probably pick one from reputable vendors like V2, Blu, Apollo or Bloog just to be on the safe side because many of the other Chinese no-name alternatives are either duds or extremely weak in performance.

Nicotine concentrations are something you should pay attention to each time you try to pick an e-liquid bottle or a cartomizer pack. For regular vapers it’s easy to compare and understand the equivalents but for a non-smoker it can be a bit tricky. So, if your friend is a casual smoker and goes through a pack-a-week then something between 6mg and 1.2mg should probably do it. For a moderate smoker that goes through more than 5 cigarettes each day, then you should probably go for something between 1.2 and 1.8mg and finally for a pack a day smoker go for 2.2 – 2.8mg of nicotine.

For men above 40, picking a regular cig-a-like starter kit can also represent a good alternative but in general guys like to get their hands dirty and experiment. This is why a device like an EVOD or an eGo with a refillable tank is more suited to a gentleman’s needs. These devices also have more powerful batteries, ensuring an increased autonomy and less time waiting with the plug inside the power outlet. And since we’re on the matter you should know that some e-cigarettes even have a pass-through battery that allows the user to puff on it while it’s connected to a laptop’s USB port.

Also when it comes to juices, a smoker will definitely feel the craving for some good tobacco at least for the first few months with e-cigarettes. Luckily most vendors have at least one, but generally quite a few tobacco versions, each similar to a certain brand of cigarettes. Another appreciated flavor is probably menthol but you should also pick a gourmet style version for testing. The ability to experiment with all sorts of flavors is part of vaping and if a person finds something that he loves then chances are he’s going to keep away from pesky tobacco for good.

Moving on to men above twenty, here is where everything goes, especially if it’s big and shiny and blows out massive clouds. Depending on the budget you have planned there are literally hundreds of mods and accessories you can buy from chick mechanicals to state of the art 150W advanced personal vaporizers. There is also an impressive array of accessories that mostly includes rebuildable atomizers and tanks. These are very important to a fulfilling vaping experience and depending on the situation you can never go wrong with a mod and tank.

These devices generally use the same type of connection and this is called 510. So if you see the same “510” name in the description of a mod and a tank system then it means they can be coupled. However, the thing you need to watch out for is the diameters and usually this is directly linked to the type of battery the mod uses. If the mod is powered by an 18000 (this includes 18350, 18500 or 18650) family battery then a rebuildable atomizer or tank with a diameter up to 23mm will fit perfectly. If the mod is powered by a 26650 battery then you should look for a tank with a diameter of around 30mm. While a 22mm tank could fit nicely on a 30mm mod, the other way around would simply look ridiculous.

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