India plans on banning e-cigs

India plans on banning e-cigs

E-cigs are becoming increasingly popular between smokers in India, however the country’s health representatives are taking further steps to ban these products. The Union Health Ministry currently announced plans to effectively ban electronic cigarettes through new legislation. Seemingly, the officials fear that the devices are too perilous for public health, which appears rather awkward in a country well known for the insanitary streets that are constantly full of roaming cattle and human excrement.

During a recent meeting attended by the country’s scientists, health experts, customs officials and the Drug Controller General of India, it was determined to prohibit these ‘battery operated products’ that are designed to deliver nicotine. An e-cig is also known as an e-smoking device; a personal vaporizer that contains a heating element that transforms a nicotine based and flavored liquid into delicious vapor. The e-juice used in electronic cigarettes is available in a wide variety of flavors from bubble gum, and menthol to strawberry, apple and cinnamon.

According to some New Delhi press reports, a lot of Indian tobacco companies are starting to produce e-cigarettes to make up for the constantly declining profits from combustible cigarettes. The e-cigs are selling rapidly between India’s youths and the city’s reporters refer to vaping as a ‘fashion statement’ for smokers.

Taking into consideration the lack of scientific studies and the alleged negative effects on the health and wellness, back in 2013, India together with numerous other countries agreed to impose a ban in the course of a local workshop for Southeast Asia on application of the WHICH structure convention on tobacco management.

One of the country’s so-called ‘expert’ on health matters said in an interview for the Deccan Chronicle that e-cigarettes are deadly and hazardous. ‘Not many people know that it has a potential of killing as inhaling nicotine could be dangerous. It is also very harmful for the passive smokers. So it has been decided to completely ban this menace by bringing strong legislation,’ he believes.

During the meeting, officials firmly warned about the popularity of electronic cigarettes and that are actually broadly offered online. ‘Ideal legal and regulatory steps to stop the use of c-cigarettes are actually essential. They are actually unlicensed, imported products, extensively marketed online. The purchases of e-cigarettes are expanding fast. A sturdy system will certainly for that reason be actually pretty soon used to discover that they are actually not entering in the nation,’ concluded the health ministry authorities.

It’s quite disappointing that India’s tobacco users are being condemned to life without the alternative of puffing on e-cigarettes. Studies indicate that these devices are remarkably effective kicking the habit and truly decrease the risk of relapse. Esteemed global scientists have signaled that regulating electronic cigarettes could be dangerous as it prevents tobacco users from using a much safer alternative. However, it seems that the country's health officials have a totally different view. They are prohibiting e-cigs that could have potential health benefits and rather ignoring more imminent problems that put the country’s citizens under much greater risk.

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