More information needed on electronic cigarettes

More information needed on electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are still a big vague area to most organizations and people. People don’t know what e-cigarettes are, what’s in it and how to use them. “I heard people say e-cigarettes contain tobacco or damage your lungs”, Philip Kenzie, CEO at an e-cigarettes brand says.

Kenzie is also a pharmacist and already knew a lot about e-cigarettes and the ingredients before he started working in the e-cigs industry. “I want to help grow this industry, because it can save lives”, Kenzie says. “The problem is that most people don’t know what e-cigarettes are and the world isn’t willing to inform them.” Kenzie thinks many people want to prevent information about e–cigarettes to spread. “Too many people benefit to the success of tobacco. If the e-cigarette industry keeps growing, this market will eventually be wiped out and that’s a big problem.”

According to Kenzie electronic cigarettes contain no dangerous elements or ingredients at this point. “The levels of nicotine and propylene glycol are carefully sorted out and perfectly safe. Nicotine is of course not good for you, no addiction is. However, nicotine itself isn’t that harmful, it’s comparable to caffeine. Compared to tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are so much better for your body. If people keep saying electronic cigarettes cause cancer or are bad for you, we actually prevent people from getting a healthier life.”

“I’ve heard too many stories about e-cigarettes and people believe these stories. There are of course people who actually check the internet and do some research. Everybody can see exactly what’s in an electronic cigarette, but it takes some effort to find out.” Kenzie thinks the FDA hasn’t made a clear statement about e-cigarettes yet, because this could mean electronic cigarettes go viral. “If they state that e-cigarettes are not harmful at this point, this gives smokers the green light to try e-cigarettes and stop smoking. So, why don’t they make a statement? It makes me wonder.”

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