Introducing the South Beach Smoke Air Vaporizer

Introducing the South Beach Smoke Air Vaporizer

If you are browsing the net looking to make the switch from tobacco analogs to electronic cigarettes then you have probably heard a bit about South Beach Smoke. Since 2010, when it first hit the market, the brand has been increasingly popular, offering a wide variety of flavors and accessories, but it only specialized in cig-a-like devices.

As in the case with any brand that wants to keep its position among the top players, South Beach Smoke invested in the research and development of new products. Seeing the trend in the market as more and more advanced vapers look the ultimate products in what technology has to offer, South Beach Smoke saw the perfect opportunity to develop their own highly-advanced vaporizer, as there are so many on the market with less than optimal performance abilities and thus the ‘Smoke Air’ was born.

Released earlier this year, it is the company’s first vaporizer and it looks stunning. Much like the combination of a laser pointer and a Star Wars type light saber, the Smoke Air has an avant-gardist design and it has become the brand’s flagship and ‘a marvel of the highest electronic cigarette technology, created to take your vaping to heights never before seen.’

However, the ‘Air’ is not just about good looks as it hides some impressive hardware under its shiny clothes. Packed with a 350mAh battery and a large capacity tank, it has all of the necessary requirements to produce a lot of vapor. Both the battery and the 1ml tank are all contained within the eye-catching 4-inch long, shimmering stainless steel South Beach Smoke Air body as the engineers have done a fantastic job at maximizing space while at the same time maintaining functionality and style.

The cap is engineered to ensure that impurities such as dust and dirt do not affect the overall vaping experience and keeps the device clean and sanitary.

Because the company was specialized only in flavored cartomizers, South Beach Smoke has collaborated with Vapor Zone E-Cigarette to deliver its customers the ultimate choice of 100% USA made e-liquids to pair with their state of the art vaporizer. With over 30,000 flavor combinations to choose from you will never get bored of puffing on this revolutionary device. Just as they are available with VaporZone, customers will be able to custom blend their liquids however they please, as well as use them with a the new selection of refillable cartridges that work with the usual two-piece e-cigarettes for the additional benefit of having more flavor choices.

Since it first hit the market, the Air has impressed customers instantly, and has managed to receive positive reviews from the majority of those who have used it. Customers are pleased with its battery performance, ability to last a very long time between charges, and how it does not take very long to charge it to full capacity.

With a robust, stainless steel body, the design of the ‘Smoke Air’ was intended to appeal to both men and women alike; in general people who want a vaporizer that is equally able to perform as desired and to remain massively stylish at the same time.

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