London introduces e-cigarette lounge

London introduces e-cigarette lounge

London Heathrow Airport must be one of the busiest airports worldwide. Business men, transits and London residents use the airport on a daily basis. While the rest of Great Britain closes their doors for electronic cigarette smokers, Heathrow is now literally opening doors

The rise of e-cigarettes has a negative side too. Health organizations are shocked by the huge popularity of electronic cigarettes and push to regulate or even ban e-cigarettes. This worries the industry. However, in despite of what skeptics say, London Heathrow and e-cigarette manufacturer Gamucci put their heads together and announced a special e-cigarette lounge will be introduced on the airport.

Bans on pubs, restaurants, trains and busses already took place in most of the United Kingdom. A lot of health organizations worry about the exposure of e-cigarette, they don’t want people to get motivated to smoke electronic cigarettes. The future of the electronic cigarette industry started to look depressing, but Heathrow and Gamucci now do a brave proposal. Heathrow and Gamucci will probably bump into a little trouble and need to be willing to cooperate with the terms decided by the influence of health organizations. It’s unclear what these terms will be and if the lounge will be a permanent addiction to Heathrow Airport.

This kind of development could increase the number of people willing to replace their tobacco cigarettes for electronic cigarettes. It might even motivate the e-cigarette industry to invest in their product again. This alternative highlights the benefits of replacing tobacco for e-cigarettes. People who want to give up tobacco, can easily adjust because smoking e-cigarettes gives them more freedom.

Worldwide the criticism on electronic cigarettes rises nowadays while on the other head the number of people smoking e-cigarette raises too. An alternative like an e-cigarette lounge would definitely be welcomed by electronic cigarette smokers.

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