Manual and automatic e-cigarette

Manual and automatic e-cigarette

The first e-cigarettes consisted of three parts, but nowadays the e-cigarettes made of two parts are getting more and more popular. In these last types of electronic cigarettes the atomizer and cartridge are built in together. That’s called a cartomizer. It’s up to the smoker to find out what works for him. Nowadays there are multiply choices in choosing the type of e-cigarette like a manual e-cigarette or an automatic one. Or do you prefer a disposable cigarette?

Every electronic cigarette contains a battery, atomizer and cartridge. At the beginning these were three different parts, but now a lot of brands sell e-cigarettes in two parts. A new development is the clearomizers. This is a replacement for the cartomizer and looks like a tank with a tube in the middle.

One thing that we can’t miss is the light glowing on our e-cigarette. It gives a satisfied feeling. A manual e-cigarette allows you to control this yourself. You can push the LED button and press it as long as you want. Off course this type of e-cigarettes has also ‘improved’. With an automatic e-cigarette you don’t need to press the LED-button anymore. The light starts glowing automatically once you inhale. Not all people prefer this kind of e-smoking. Some like to keep controlling the glow themselves.

A perfect way to start smoking e-cigarettes is with the disposable e-cigarette models. You don’t need to buy a whole starters kit right away, but you can easily find out if e-smoking works for you. Social smokers could also benefit from this, because they won’t smoke that often and this will save them a lot of money.

If you don’t want a disposable cigarette, you can also get an electronic cigarette with a disposable cartomizer. You can recharge the battery in this e-cigarette, but you don’t need to worry about refills, liquids etc.

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