Manual or Automatic e-cigarettes

Manual or Automatic e-cigarettes

A choice you need to make when smoking electronic cigarettes is whether you prefer a manual or automatic battery. Both have their advantages and it’s up to you which option works for you.

The main difference between an automatic and manual battery is how the heating elements switches on. An automatic battery makes sure the heating element starts up the moment you start inhaling. This lasts about five, six seconds. With a manual battery you need to press a button once you inhale. This button will switch on the heating element. You can decide how long you want to push it.

Automatic e-cigarettes

Off course a big advantage of an automatic battery is that you don’t need to press anything and, like a tobacco cigarette, the heating element works the moment you inhale. A down side of an automatic battery is that the heating element is only on for about five seconds. When you want to get a good kick and inhale really deep, there’s no change. You aren’t able to control this yourself. With a manual batter you can.

Manual e-cigarettes

An automatic battery lasts a lot longer than a manual cigarette. However, when you are in a club and the music is loud, the automatic battery might react on these vibrations and switch on. This kind of thing could happen using a manual battery as well. Another downside of the manual e-cigarette: there is no lock in the button which activates the heating element, so when something in your back lays next to it, it might switch on the device.

One last important fact is the way manual cigarettes are sealed. The seal of a manual cigarette covers the whole cigarette while an automatic e-cigarette doesn’t: chances are liquids leak out or the e-cigarette will damage.

Unfortunately both manual batteries and automatic batteries aren’t perfect, but smoking without smoke is not possible without a battery. Some smokers of electronic cigarette prefer to use both type of batteries and switch between the two batteries.

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