Analog Cigarette maker Altria ready to expand e-cigarettes

Analog Cigarette maker Altria ready to expand e-cigarettes

The tobacco industry is slowly, but constantly losing its customers to electronic cigarettes. The more people start using e-cigarettes, the more people quit tobacco cigarettes. Over 90 percent of e-cigarette users, used to be a tobacco cigarette smoker. The tobacco industry needs to take action and Marlboro maker Altria Group is choosing the electronic cigarette direction.

If the people of Marlboro themselves will be replacing their tobacco cigarette for electronics, is the question, but Altria Group is ready to expand their share in e-cigarettes. Altria Group already introduced the electronic cigarette brand MarkTen and is now planning to make this market grow in the United States the second. In April they’ll start promoting and marketing their brand.

The electronic cigarette as we know it was invented in 2003 in China. However, most people weren’t really interested in e-cigarettes yet. It wasn’t until 2009 electronic cigarettes exploded. From that year on the sales of e-cigarettes doubled every year while the sales of tobacco cigarettes decreased every year. Since 2012 the sales have gone sky rocking and the popularity only grew. Celebrities talking about e-cigarettes on national television and showing off their favorite band, made the world curious about this healthier way of smoking. Last year e-cigarette sales topped 1 billion dollars and analysts believe this will easily be doubled this year. The future of tobacco cigarettes on the other hand doesn’t look that bright. Analysts predict e-cigarettes could wipe out the entire tobacco industry in ten years or less. Therefore the development of Altria Group who wants to expand their e-cigarette market doesn’t come as a big surprise. This move probably comes right before the moment e-cigarettes will domestically explode in the US.

Last year Altria Group started with the launch of MarkTen electronic cigarettes. They launched MarkTen in Arizona and Indians to test the product. Altria was probably one of the last major tobacco manufacturers which entered the e-cigarette market. Most big ones already found a way to profit from the industry. Some major companies have bought popular electronic cigarettes brands and didn’t even go to the trouble to create a new brand. Altria Group did create their brand and introduced MarkTen e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are nowadays offered in several models and types. Some are automatic while other work with a button you need to press to activate the electronic cigarette. Some e-cigarettes are disposable, but a lot of them can be used for a longer period. The success of electronic cigarettes can be explained by two different things. At first, e-cigarettes contain nicotine. Just like aids to help people stop smoking, like nicotine gum or plasters, e-cigarettes offer a way to provide your body with nicotine without inhaling thousands of chemicals which are in tobacco. Nicotine is the most addictive element of tobacco cigarettes so your body will have fewer side effects from reducing tobacco cigarettes. The second advantage of electronic cigarettes is that you don’t miss the smoking experience. A lot of tobacco smokers who stopped, start smoking again after a couple of months. They can provide themselves with nicotine from gum or plasters, but miss the feeling of smokers. Electronic cigarettes provide this feeling as well.

MarkTen is an example of a disposable e-cigarette, but it can be reused if you have a charging kit and cartridges. One of the marketing tools of Altria Group is the consistent taste of MarkTen Electronic cigarettes. Like Marlboro they aim for the group of people that want to be sure they’re buying the right product where ever and whenever.

After Indiana and Arizona Altria Group will explore the rest of the US. Compared to Marlboro MarkTen is a real starter trying to create an image in a pretty saturated market. However, they know the market like no other and how to reach the tobacco smokers.

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