All About Mechanical Mods: A Beginners Guide

All About Mechanical Mods: A Beginners Guide

Warning this article is a guide for beginners’ level of users. Please proceed with caution using a mechanical mod.

What is a Mechanical Mod and what it does to an E-Cigarette?

Apart from aesthetic reasons it enhances the vaping experience by delivering unregulated current to the atomizer. It is a tube that holds rechargeable battery and it has a button that when pressed delivers circuit to the atomizer. This is not an electrical component in fact it is the only non-electrical component of the e-cigarette.

Why Use it?

The major reason why you should use it because it’s non-electrical. Since the e-cigarette is composed of all electrical parts and is dependent on the battery, when electrical parts breakdown it can make your e-cigarette stop working. Now, that really is annoying for those who needs their nicotine fix. The mechanical mode is a good back up as well as it enhances the vaping experience.

For the more advance users, the mechanical mod is used to run low resistance atomizers that is unable to run on other forms of e-cigarette equipment or the non-standard parts. This is very risky and requires the use of advanced skills on the mechanical mod.

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Alright is it Really Safe?

Any lithium powered device is not a truly safe. It is so much power contained in a very compact device. E-cigarettes are safer than mechanical mods due to its safety features. However, a mechanical mod under the hands of an experienced user can be safe against faulty short circuits.

Before You try it Know the Risks

The most common issue with mechanical mods is short circuiting. And when that happens it can cause the battery to discharge and with uncontrollable heat it can vent and catch fire. Worse if the venting is not released it can explode.

Workaround: get a Multi-Meter

Just what is a multi-meter? Multi-meter will allow you to monitor battery voltage and the resistance of clearomizers and atomizers. And it can detect shorts on the mechanical mod, too. Available from any electronic shops for approx. $10 or even lower. Disclaimer on the cheaper multi-meters they tend to have inaccurate reading and you may have to manually compute for the correct reading. But the multi-meter is worth the investment. So, purchase the most accurate reader as there is no price tag for safety.

Other Parts You shouldn’t Pinch Pennies

Batteries. The few dollars you will save is not worth the risk. Old and damaged batteries should never be used. Using the right type battery is also very important. The right type of battery to use is IMR (lithium manganese oxide) it is less volatile thus the chemistry is just right. Never purchase and use unprotected standard Lithium –Ion batteries. As they have higher risk of overheating.

Battery chargers are also some parts you should consider not to sacrifice quality. Not all chargers are the same. Quality is also very crucial as cheap chargers can overcharge batteries. It is so unstable that charging it and overheats quickly than normal it can explode. A fully charged battery should only be between 4 .15 to 4.20 volts anything above 4.25 v may short, instability occurs and it can be tragic.

Do not use Australian plugs some are not certified. Check out if the small triangle has a tick. It means that it complies with Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM).

Batteries are Included

The mechanical mod unlike the standard e-cigarette stand alone will drain it until it is flat. Which is bad for lithium based batteries. This is where the multi-meter is important. You will know when the battery has low voltage through the meter or when the vapor amount has noticeable lessened. Recharge as soon as this happens to your vaping experience.

Always make sure that your batteries are inserted the right way.

Do not stack batteries. Use single batteries only.

Remove batteries when not in use. It does not only avoid accidents but also extends the life of the mechanical mod.

Regular Testing and Important Reminders

Check resistance of clearomizers and atomizers to check if resistance is not to low or if a short has occurred earlier. Resistance should not be less than 1.8 Ohms. To test touch positive probes to the center probes.

Test the mechanical mod, too. Remove the cap and battery, touch the positive probe to the positive pin of the mod and the negative probe to the body. Any reading other than the default on the multi-meter means there is an issue on the mod and should not be used.

Mechanical mods must have vent holes. This is to ensure that it allows release of heat and gasses during overheating. A mechanical mod without it is a potential bomb and should not be used.

Also, a good mechanical mod must have a firing button lock. Normally it spins a small wheel in anti-clockwise direction.

Do I get one?

If you are careful and disciplined enough to the above stated extra work on your e-cigarette, then you should. It will be worth the effort for your vaping experience. Always remember that it is better to be safe than sorry.

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