How to Modify your cartridge

How to Modify your cartridge

We all have our favorite brand, rather it’s clothes, telephones or electronic cigarette. But, sometimes you don’t get the satisfaction anymore and this applies to e-cigarettes a lot. Once an electronic cigarette gets old or you don’t maintain it the right way, the performance may reduce. To fix this, we have a tip that could help you maximize your vaping experience: modify your cartridge with a tea bag!

Your cartridge is used a lot and if the taste or smoke of your e-cigarette doesn’t give you the right kick any longer, it’s probably time to modify your cartridge. It’s not that difficult to and it’s certainly not expensive.

What do you need? Actually, the only thing you need in order to modify your cartridge is a teabag, a paperclip and scissors. The teabag has to be a pyramid model though. The one Lipton sells are perfect for the job.

What do you do? Once you got the tea bag, you need to get rid of the stripe attached to the bag and cut off the top of the tea bag. You don’t need the tea to modify your cartridge so throw the tea out. After this, you cut open the sites of the empty teabag which leaves you with a rectangle. Divide the rectangle in two. Now you have two little squares. Take one of the squares and roll it up, not to tight. Now you have a cigarette shaped teabag. Fold this in half.

Now you can take your cartridge and get rid of the filling inside with the paperclip. You can also use a needle or little hairpin to do this. After emptying your cartridge, stick in the folded tea bag and make sure the open side sticks out. If it’s too long, cut off a little piece.

Now your cartridge is modified. You can put in liquid; this will easily be soaked in by the tea bag.

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