Modular Electronic Cigarettes

Modular Electronic Cigarettes

With different nicotine levels but without all the harmful substances that analog cigarettes contain, electronic cigarettes are quickly climbing to the top of the smoker’s market. Although very much similar in design to analogs, the e-cigarettes cannot be more different than them. There are two main established structures for e-cigarettes that industry brands are promoting.

On the one hand, there is the modular electronic cigarette design, which means a battery, an cartomizer, and a cartridge. The biggest element in an e-cig is the battery, it is double the length of the atomizer and cartridge together. The cartridge is represented by the end part which also serves as a mouthpiece for vapor inhalation. Between these two you will find the atomizer, the element responsible for connecting the battery and the cartridge, as well as for vaporizing the nicotine. Just a slight displacement of the atomizer and the liquid nicotine will not be vaporized properly, or at all in some cases. The atomizer is designed in such a way that it uses the energy produced by the battery to heat a small element, which in return is responsible for heating the liquid nicotine to the point it turns to vapors. When the cartridge is emptied it can be easily replaced with already filled cartridges or be filled with e-liquid of your choice. Although, it might sound complicated the three-unit electronic cigarette is highly functional and easy to use.

On the other hand, electronic cigarettes also come in the two-piece design that is, a battery plus a atomizer, carto for short. As opposed to the previous design, a cartomizer is in fact an atomizer and a cartridge built together in one piece that ultimately screws to the battery. Unlike regular three unit e-cigs, cartomizers last longer and there is a longer period of time between refills; this allows you to enjoy your device and flavor more. Another advantage that cartomizers present is their significant lower prices than the cartridge-atomizer combination.

To sum up, you should know that every type of e-cigarettes has its advantages and disadvantages and are addressed to different kinds of smokers. Some might choose the two piece design because it is more convenient and easier to assemble, while some will go for the three unit e-cigarette because they enjoy trying out new flavors and using the e-liquid that they like the most. But, regardless of all that, electronic cigarettes are able to offer excellent vapor volume, great throat hit and an overall enjoyable vaping experience no matter their design.

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