Nicotine Dosage on your e-cigarette

Nicotine Dosage on your e-cigarette

The wonderful thing about smoking electronic cigarettes is that you can smoke without harmful tobacco, but still get your nicotine. Research shows us that most electronic cigarette users are former tobacco smokers. They can use the nicotine and reduce the level if they prefer to do so. For beginners the nicotine dosage of your e-cigarette can be rather confusing. So, it’s wise to be prepared.

One cartridge will last about the same time as a package of twenty tobacco cigarettes. However, this totally depends on the person: not every person inhales the same amount of puffs. The reason why manufactures of electronic cigarettes compare a package tobacco with one cartridge is because the level of nicotine is about the same. Most packages contain about 22 mg of nicotine, most cartridges contain 18 mg. We consider this pretty equal.

Let’s assume a heavy smoker, smokes away about 20 to 30 tobacco cigarettes every day. If this smokers continues this habit the same way and grasps his e-cigarette about 30 times a day, the nicotine dosage is way more than 30 mg (which is about 30 tobacco cigarettes/1,5 package). Assuming the smoker takes about 6 puffs, 30 times on one day, he would inhale about 80 mg of nicotine. Way too much off course.

The smoker needs to reduce the amount of nicotine in his electronic cigarette. Keep in mind that 35 mg of nicotine is the max this smoker wants to inhale per day. He smokes about 5 cartridges a day. A little math could help you out: 35/5 is 7mg. He needs to reduce the nicotine from 18mg to 7mg per cartridge.

It’s wise to do a little math yourself when smoking electronic cigarettes. First of all: you don’t want to inhale more nicotine than needed and second: it will save you lots of money!

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