What does the nicotine in e-cigarettes do?

What does the nicotine in e-cigarettes do?

Thousands of people smoke tobacco cigarettes. They know it’s bad fort their health, they know they mess up their lungs and body, but can’t stop the habit. The evil-doer is nicotine. These people are addicted to nicotine and this provides them from quitting smoking. There is nicotine in e-cigarettes. Are electronic cigarette the rightful way to stop smoking? Is nicotine harmful for you?

Nicotine is an element of the tobacco plant called Nicotiana Tabacu. It’s made in the roots of the tobacco plant and accumulates in the leaves of the plant. Without nicotine the plant would probably not survive: nicotine protects the Nicotiana Tabaco against insects and parasites. The amount of nicotine on the leaves varies: the leaves on top of the plant, which are most exposed, contain more nicotine than the leaves underneath and on the bottom.

To get the nicotine from the leaves, we need to dry the leaves (the tobacco) first. The way we do this, determines the level of nicotine in the tobacco (leaves). Some tobacco contains about 0.6 percent nicotine while others contain 3 percent. Leaves that’s dried up to tobacco in the sun, mostly contains less nicotine than leaves dried in just air. Because people wanted to control the amount of nicotine in tobacco, they started breeding the tobacco plant themselves. Hereby some tobacco plants contain more or less nicotine, taste softer or more bitter than they did before. The plants are also more resistant to parasites or other diseases.

People put nicotine in cigarettes. Nicotine gives us a nice feeling and relaxes us. This feelings last about twenty minutes. People get addicted to this feeling so they want to keep smoking. Electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine, but don’t contain the tobacco. We all know tobacco is harmful, but there are a lot of myths about nicotine. If we replace our tobacco cigarette for an electronic cigarette and still inhale nicotine: does this still harm our body?

One myth that you here often: nicotine is carcinogenic. This is never proven. Tobacco smoke contains over 4000 chemicals which we know are carcinogenic. Nicotine is not one of them. Especially nitrosamines are responsible for lung cancer and other types of cancer. The amount of nicotine that’s used in electronic cigarettes is negligible compared by the risks of tobacco cigarettes.

Another myth: smokers get health issues do to the use of nicotine. Not true: the other chemicals are responsible for the harm to your health. The only harm nicotine does to your body is making it depended. The addiction is the downside of nicotine. The problem is, before electronic cigarettes there was no other way to get nicotine. Therefore everybody who was addicted to nicotine, needed to smoke tobacco cigarette with the risk of inhaling the other chemicals as well.

Smokers often get dirty yellow fingers and teeth. Some people say the nicotine does this to your fingers and teeth. This is absolutely not true: the tar in tobacco does this to your body. E-cigarettes don’t contain this disgusting element.

Both e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes contain nicotine. So, why switch to something that doesn’t help you to get rid of your addiction? Electronic cigarette can help you to get rid of your addiction. In addition to tobacco cigarette, you can simply reduce the level of nicotine yourself. You’re not depending on the manufacturers choice and smoking nicotine and other chemicals that are stuffed into the cigarette. You can reduce the nicotine every day and simply start living your new, healthy life one step at the time. In the meanwhile you’re already taking huge steps by not inhaling all the chemicals from the tobacco anymore.

One last myth, probably one that secretly fears a lot of smokers: gaining weight after quitting tobacco cigarettes. Most people who stop smoking do gain weight: they stop inhaling nicotine and this makes them hungry. Besides that, they are used to do something: feel a cigarette in their hand, inhale a cigarette. Especially in good company they miss a tobacco cigarette and automatically start eating instead. This makes them gain wait fast sometimes. We already explained you can adjust the level of nicotine in electronic cigarettes. If you’re having a hard time, reduce the nicotine one step at the time. However, most people have trouble with missing the feeling of a cigarette. This problem doesn’t exist when smoking e-cigarettes. While other methods fail to give you a replacement for a cigarette, e-cigarettes give you the satisfaction to ‘smoke’ and keep you from running to the fridge to grab a snack.

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