Oregon Legislation wants e-cigarette taxes

Oregon Legislation wants e-cigarette taxes

The Oregon lawmakers want a discussion on e-cigarette taxes. According to Mail Tribune they are looking for a legible way how they can start asking taxes over e-cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, which is not proven to be harmful, and don’t contain tobacco.

On the 17th of September the State Department of Revenue officials came forward to confront the House and Senate committees with the lack of taxes on electronic cigarettes. According to the State Department people should pay taxes on all products containing addictive substance. “This way you can keep the product away from people and get some money”, Phill Barnhart stated.

E-cigarette taxes

E-cigarettes are growing popularity every day. The sales are rising and the availability is growing fast too. The State Department wants to stop this by rising taxes. But, what should be the result of rising taxes on electronic cigarettes? Will people still use e-cigarettes when they get more expensive?

E-cigarettes are cheaper

This is big risk. Different researches pointed out people smoking electronic cigarettes are most of the times people who used to smoke tobacco cigarettes. Only about 10 percent of electronic cigarette smokers were never smokers. Except their health, the other 90 perfect of e-cigs smokers wanted to switch from tobaccos to electronic cigarettes because e-cigarettes are much cheaper. What will this people do when e-cigarette taxes need to be paid?

On top of that: nicotine has never proven to be dangerous or harmful in any way. It’s addictive thought, but people who smoke tobacco cigarettes for over twenty years, are already addicted to nicotine. Luckily other lawmakers admitted the benefit of electronic cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes. “It’s a bit odd that we would prevent a person from moving away from something that is dangerous to something that’s less so”, Rep.Bentz Ontario said. Most of the lawmakers agree, but the State Department clearly isn’t finished with this subject yet.

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