Why People buy ecigs online

Why People buy ecigs online

A lot of stores offer electronic cigarettes: actually most stores selling tobacco cigarettes, sell electronic cigarettes too. Yet, most smokers of e-cigarettes prefer to buy ecigs online. What’s the difference between buying online or in a real store?

“It depends on the type of people who want to buy an electronic cigarette”, Anton Newman says. He owns a tobacco shop for over thirty years and has seen a lot changes in the cigarette industry. “Most people who buy e-cigarettes, used to smoke. Some of them smoked for years and I’ve known them since. They used to come every day to get their favorite package of tobacco. After they stopped smoking tobacco cigarette, I didn’t see them for a while. When I started selling electronic cigarettes, some of them returned. Most of the smokers who came back are a bit older. They are not used to buying online and want some advice on electronic cigarettes.”

So according to Newman elderly don’t want to buy their electronic cigarettes online. Yet most smokers of e-cigarettes buy them online. Research pointed out that smokers who buy their electronic cigarette online are between 25 and 40 years old and have smoked for over three years. “It’s a solution in every way”, Jacky Fellbourne states. “I had been a smoker for over ten years and wanted a healthier life. Now I’m smoking electronic cigarettes and don’t even have to go to the store anymore.”

“The thing I like the most about shopping online, is comparing several brands”, Fellbourne continues. “I compare prices, but also models and sizes. Most sites have reviews as well. This helps me in picking the best brand for me. I am trying new ones every couple months and already have some favorites.” Fellbourne doesn’t know if she will ever stick to one brand. “New accessories and models are coming up every week and I like to experiment. I do wait until I see some reviews. If the reviews are good, chances are I want to try that new model or brand.”

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