Popularity of e-cigs caused by celebrities

Popularity of e-cigs caused by celebrities

Over 3,5 million people around the world are smoking electronic cigarettes. Those are the latest figures of The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association. A part of the popularity of e-cigs is in the hands of celebrities. A lot of them are proud e-smokers and are happy to strike a pose smoking an e-cigarette.

Jenny McCarthy, Kate Moss, Simon Cowell and Leonardo di Caprio are well known smokers of electronic cigarettes. The even talk about it with the press and are proud to share their story. McCarty already gave a couple of interviews on e-cigarettes and is shown in numerous pictures smoking an electronic cigarette.

Another aspect that’s helping to gain the e-cigarette popularity is that the electronic cigarettes are being sold in a lot of places. Where owners of bars used to sell tobacco cigarettes, but weren’t allowed anymore, they can now sell e-cigarettes as many as they want. This helps them to get new customers in and keep them in when they need a smoke.

Owner of an Irish restaurant in new Cumberland said at least three guests a day light up an electronic cigarette. “The first time I saw a costumer e-smoking, it caught me off guard. I had seen it on television, but I had never seen an electronic cigarette in real life. Now I’m really used to see people light up an e-cigarette”, he said. “I placed a big vending machine with a hot lady on it who is smoking in an electronic cigarette. Smoking actually looks hot now.”

The reasons why people smoke e-cigarettes vary, says the restaurant owner. “Some people trying to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes while others just want something in their hands. I even talked to people who had never smoked a tobacco cigarette, but who were just curious about the electronic cigarettes. It works pretty good for a fake cigarette.”

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