Is Propylene Glycol in e-cigarettes harmful?

Is Propylene Glycol in e-cigarettes harmful?

First, let’s clear something up. Propylene glycol is not the same thing as ethylene glycol. A lot of people incline to mix does two up. Ethylene glycol was, and is still, sometimes used in antifreeze. Because ethylene glycol was very toxic, the substance is often replaced by propylene glycol: the mysterious element in e-cigarettes. This might concern you, but there’s nothing to worry about. What is this substance?

Propylene glycol is an organic product with a neutral odor and a little sweet taste. The substance has no color. Propylene glycol is used in the production process of medicines, foods and electronic cigarettes and is approved as an addition in those products. The freezing point of water is decreased when adding Propylene glycol, that’s the reason why the compound is used in antifreeze products. Liquid medicines and some liquid foods also benefit from this. The reason why you don’t see the name propylene glycol on packaging is because the name is not used in commercial ways. The commercial name of proplyene glycol is actually racemic mixture.

The CDC Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry describes ethylene glycol as toxic which could affect the central nervous system. After a while it could even cause signs of inebriation followed by illness and even death. Propylene glycol on the other hand is described as much less toxic and harmful. Propylene glycol is processed to normal quantities. According to the CDC Agency no health effects for Propylene glycol have ever been reported, even by people who were exposed to PG for longer periods.

Propylene glycol is proven not to be harmful when used correctly. It’s not even allowed to use it in other ways. Off course the name still sounds toxic to some people, but so do a lot of ingredients we eat daily. You now know the meaning of PG and that there’s nothing to worry about.

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