Refilling and replacing elements of your e-cigarettes

Refilling and replacing elements of your e-cigarettes

Most electronic cigarettes can be used over and over again. Some last longer than others, but how long do they last? This totally depends on the brand, battery and the way you handle your electronic cigarette. Let’s take a look at all the different elements of the electronic cigarette.

A cartridge of an electronic cigarette needs to be refilled once in a while. How often it needs to be refilled, depends of a lot of things. Some people just use their e-cigarette more often so the cartridge needs to be refilled more often as well. Another element which is important is the size of your e-cigarette. Most tobacco cigarette look-a-like e-cigs are smaller and come with smaller cartridges: less e-liquid can be put in the cartridge so off course the cartridge will be empty sooner. Most mini, tobacco look-a-like, electronic cigarette cartridges last about the same amount of puffs as 10 tobacco cigarettes, half a package. If you have an e-cigarette which is a bit bigger, also called the pen-style electronic cigarette, the cartridge is a bit bigger too. These cartridges last about the same amount of puffs as 30-50 tobacco cigarettes, maximum two packages. The cigar look-a-like electronic cigarette is much bigger. The cartridge is empty after about the same amount of puffs as two or three packages of tobacco cigarettes.

If you store a cartridge, maybe because you have a spare one, make sure you put it in a save place. A cool, dry place with no temperature above 20 degrees is perfect for the cartridge. It should at least survive for two years without any damage.

Another issue for e-cigarette starters is that you don’t always know when it’s time to refill the cartridge. You don’t exactly know the taste and strength of your e-cigarette so it’s hard to tell when the cartridge is empty. Normally you can taste the difference: once the strength of the flavor gets less, it’s time to refill the cartridge. However, this could also be caused by the battery running out of power. Another way to be sure is to check the cartridge. Take the cartridge out of the electronic cigarette and look at it. Once the nicotine solution looks white and withered, this definitely means it’s time for a refill.

An important element of your e-cigarette is the battery. Without the battery the electronic cigarette doesn’t work. However, batteries run out of power and don’t last forever. How long this takes, also depends on the type of electronic cigarette you use. The little, tobacco look-a-like, e-cigarette have a small battery which lasts a couple of hours, the pen-look-a-like electronic cigarettes contains a slightly bigger battery which could last about five hours. The big, cigar e-cigarette has a huge battery, most of these last the whole working day, about 8 hours. However the quality of your battery also depends on the brand you buy. Like with all batteries, some cheap brands just don’t offer good quality.

After a while batteries lose their power. They don’t last that long anymore and you need to replace the battery. Off course you prefer a battery which doesn’t need replacement that often. This also depends on the brand, but you can control this yourself too. Make sure you treat your battery well. An important thing is not to leave the battery in the sun or other hot places. The heat reduces the life span of the battery enormously. Don’t let the battery come in contact with water or moisture. You might not notice it at once, but it can be disastrous. If the moisture gets inside the battery and you switch on the electronic cigarette, it could cause a short circuit.

Another way to expand the lifetime of you battery, is to charge it in time. Don’t wait for the battery to totally die. When mobile phones just entered the market, we were all told to charge the battery when it was totally empty. However, this is outdated. The batteries in your phone and e-cigarettes are not made that way anymore. If you wait for the battery to die before charging it, you’re actually making it harder for the battery to start up again. If it needs so much energy to start up again every time, it will result in a shorter lifetime in the end.

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