A review of the bestselling E-cig brands of 2013

A review of the bestselling E-cig brands of 2013

The business boom of the e-cigarettes brought about by the promise of a healthier choice of vaping over smoking traditional cigarettes with nicotine, especially for the top e-cigarette brands of 2013. There are over a hundred e-cigarette brands out there in the market. But only a few of them stood out.

Reviewers of the e-cigarette brands generally rank them based on: Appearance; Taste; Battery Life; Price; Customer Service; Warranty; Money Back Guarantee;

The following brands where the bestselling E-cig brands of 2013:

Southbeach Smoke -- This brand is successful in living up to providing convenience, affordability, usability and excellent taste. It gives off thick vapors and has a wide selection of flavors.

Ever Smoke Electronic Cigarette -- This product is easily available and comes with a lot of different flavors including: Royal, Classic, Golden, Menthol, Cherry, and others.

Green Smoke -- Has a rich variety of flavors and thick smoke-like vapor without the smell of cigarette smoke.

V2 Cigs -- It looks like cigarette and gives out good amount of vapor and flavor

White Cloud Cigarettes – The batteries outperforms almost all of the other e-cigarette batteries out in the market. One reviewer was quoted “the battery is just insane”. The vapor is top notched that it is rated perfect 10. The price maybe a factor when choosing as this is a little pricey compared to other brands.

Vapor for Life – This American company who has been producing e-cigarettes for a couple of years now has succeeded in delivering top notched flavor, feel, and battery life.

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