Sales of e-cigarettes still increasing

Sales of e-cigarettes still increasing

The sales of e-cigarettes has raising rapid. In 2008 the sales were already 20 million dollar and ever since that time it doubles or triples every year. In 2009 sales were 40 million; in 2010 sales were 82 million dollar; 2011 was a very good year and sales raised to 195 million dollar. The biggest rise was in 2012: vape meetings were introduced and celebrities promoted their favorite brands. The sales of electronic cigarettes increased to 500 million dollar that year. Experts expect this amount will be doubled in 2013.

Although tobacco cigarettes are losing popularity, 45 million Americans still smoke tobacco cigarettes. The number of Americans who smokes e-cigarettes was 2,5 billion in 2012. Chances are this number will also be doubled in 2013. “Electronic cigarettes are pretty popular with some groups of people, but for the majority of the society it’s not common yet”, strategic manager Ken Willwoth states. “It’s maybe hard to believe for some people, but there are still a lot of people who’ve never heard of electronic cigarettes. Only 2.7 percent of the Americans have tried smoking an electronic cigarette. If you see how popular e-cigarettes already are while not even 3 percent of the population have tried e-cigarettes, imagine if more people will get curious.”

Willwoth expects big things for the e-cigarette future. “Smoking tobacco doesn’t fit in the time we’re living. People want to eat clean food, no MSG, organic; people have specialist who tell them what to eat and how to stay fit. People are obsessed with a healthy lifestyle: smoking tobacco just doesn’t fit to this way of life. Electronic cigarettes do. The upcoming years the e-cigarette brands will try to get more exposure and focus on the whole society, this mean more people will hear about e-cigarettes and give it a try. Most former smokers keep smoking electronic cigarette and 31 percent gives up tobacco cigarettes. These percentages can only rise in the future.”

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