Say Hello to Halo: Up close and personal with this top seller

Say Hello to Halo: Up close and personal with this top seller

If there is one e-cigarette brand that is marketed to both newbie vapers and more experienced vapers, it is from Halo Cigs. The brand is recognized as “an innovator in the world of electronic cigarettes, as it always brings high quality, all-American products to the market.”

Halo prides itself for the superiority of their products because the manufacturer only uses ingredients approved by the FDA and FEMA and that their e-liquids are manufactured in the United States. Some e-cigarettes source their e-liquids from China where e-cigarettes were originally developed. E-juices manufactured overseas could be using inferior ingredients, thus Halo vapers are assured of the premium quality they are getting from Halo products.

Hello Halo

Halo ships their products in a case that screams top-of-the-line devices – beautiful and elegant box in black satin casing embossed on top with the brand name Halo in silver. The design is very stylish and well-thought of: simple yet functional without sacrificing elegance. The basic G6 design is a two-piece device—the atomizer built in the cartridge plus the batteries – designed as such for better handling ensuring a vaping experience that is not compromised by messy atomizers. The simpler the better for newbie vapers, and having an elegant design is a big plus. After all, vaping has become a sub-culture and an entity in party scenes. Halo Elements e-cigarette on the other hand, is a three-piece device designed for those who have more experience in vaping.

The batteries

The batteries make it stylish with options to choose from different colors: demon red, pink, blue, green, and purple among others. The batteries can either be manual or automatic, depending on the vaper’s preference. Automatic batteries mean the vape hits are totally controlled by the device while with manual ones, the more experienced vapers can control the hits via a button on the side. The batteries also come in two sizes: 65mm and 78mm. The larger ones are preferred by more frequent vapers because it means they don’t have to charge as often. A battery can last approximately 4 to 6 hours without requiring a recharge. A USB adapter and a wall adapter come with the kits and both can be used alternately to recharge the batteries. Initially, Halo recommends charging the batteries for at least 8 hours using the wall adapter. The USB adapter may be used for subsequent battery charging sessions.

The cartridges and e-juices

Every Halo kit is shipped with a pack of five cartridges. The cartridge is screwed to the batteries creating one vaping device. There are five nicotine levels a vaper can choose from: 0mg for just the e-juice flavor to 24mg which is normally the highest level among e-cigarettes. The e-juice is composed of all-American and all high quality ingredients that include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine. Currently, there are 23 Halo e-juice flavors namely:

Shamrock; Café Mocha; Twisted Java; Longhorn; Mystic; Kringle’s Curse; Belgian Cocoa; Turkish Tobacco; Tribeca; Prime15; Torque 56; HX3; Captain Jack; Freedom Juice; Midnight Apple; Bella Valente; Tiki Juice; Malibu Menthol; Menthol ICE; CoolMist Menthol; Truepure Menthol; Fusion; Smooth 8;

The Halo experience

Halo offers an enjoyable vaping experience to its consumers. Compared to other e-cigarettes, the 24mg option is relatively high that it can make vapers take more hits with Halo than another brand of e-cigarette. A smoker would find Halo enough to satisfy a nicotine craving sans the dangerous health risks involved with combusting tobacco. The batteries last longer than other e-cigarette brands especially when you choose the larger 78mm battery. The LED blinks multiple times to notify the user that the battery needs to be recharged. The e-juice flavors are excellent and give sufficient back-of-the-throat hits that most traditional cigarette smokers require. A fresh cartridge also produces a nice cloud of vape.

The Halo experience may differ from one person to another but the company promises vaping that is sufficient for every user. No wonder, Halo products have been an easy favorite for all vapers, newbies and old-timers alike.

In summary, Halo e-cigarettes fit the description: “One of the best products on the market at the moment.” The sophisticated design, pleasant flavors, battery and cartridge life, the sensation and vapor release, and finally the price, these are the good stuff consumers look for in every product. Halo e-cigarettes have all these things.

Halo products are readily available online thru a very user-friendly and customer-oriented website that makes shopping speedy and products are shipped & received on time.

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