Self regulations in vape shops should be applauded (II)

Self regulations in vape shops should be applauded (II)

With an age verification system in place, all concerns that e-cigarettes might have a gateway effect on minors will be shattered and with them, a good part of the ammo feeding the anti vaping activists’ propaganda.

The second rule, in our opinion, vape shops should take it upon themselves to enforce is that of always selling childproof e-liquid bottles. Nicotine poisoning is a real concern these days and given that a child might be drawn by the smell of e-liquid it is imperative that these bottles should have a safety mechanism in order to be opened only by grownups. Of course, to prevent these sorts of accidents, one must always keep his or hers vaping supplies out of the reach of kids and pets, preferably locked in a drawer, but just to be on the safe side, vendors should only work with e-juice suppliers that take things seriously when it comes to safety. The good news is that the wide majority of e-liquids sold today already come packed in childproof containers and this is a clear sign that both manufacturers and vendors want you to vape responsibly and keep your loved ones out of harm’s way.

Thirdly, and we believe this is a common practice with respectable vendors, each time a customer buys a new electronic cigarette or a new accessory, a skilled employee should always explain the proper way of using the device and what are most of the dangers concerning that certain item. For instance clients should be warned no to charge their e-cigarette with other adapters and only use the one supplied by the manufacturer. Also a customer should clearly be instructed on some basic notions about compatible batteries, how to charge them and what are the most recommended brands. If the purchase takes place online, then an e-mail containing this info is advisable. Yes, there are instruction manuals inside every box but let’s be honest, there are people out there who believe they know better.

And last but not least, transparency. Working with suppliers that write on each bottle the full ingredients list and have traceable batches with test bulletins published online so a customer can always check if they have any suspicion is the way to go. People are becoming more self-conscious about the products they are using, about the manufacturer’s concerns about general health and the environment and gone are the days when everyone would buy a shady e-liquid bottle with only a picture of a peach on the label to designate the flavor. Also, clear warnings and indicators on e-liquid bottles that they contain an addictive substance could also influence a non-smoker that is tempted to try taking a puff out of an e-cigarette and the whole purpose of these devices is to keep smokers away from tobacco and not to bring new people in the community.

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