Simple questions about electronic cigarettes

Simple questions about electronic cigarettes

Less than 5 percent of the population in the United States has tried electronic cigarettes. Worldwide this is even less. However, these numbers are growing every day. More and more people are trying e-cigarettes and find a healthier way of smoking. Because a lot of people are still unfamiliar with them, we’ll answer some questions about electronic cigarettes for you.

Let’s assume you want to try an electronic cigarette and are ready to buy one. How do you do this? We live in a time where we can do and find everything on the internet. This also applies to e-cigarettes. A simple attempt to find electronic cigarettes on google will already give lots of results. Just type in ‘e-cigarettes’ or ‘electronic cigarettes’ and you’ll find several manufacturers, brands and also forums. You can ‘look’ around’ and do some research about several types and models before you choose which one you want to buy. You can choose to purchase your electronic cigarette online or buy one in an actual store. If you decide to buy one online, check if the website is secured and safe. If you decide to get one in a store, you’ll have plenty of choice as well. Kiosks and supermarkets offer all kinds of electronic cigarettes. Some retailers might offer discounts on some brands or starter kits.

Now you’ve bought your electronic cigarette, but how does it work. How do you switch on an e-cigarette? Most modern models are automatic. The manufacturers installed a mechanic on the atomizer (the heating element) which activates when it detects air. Once someone tries to inhale, the power automatically switches on. Some older models are not automatic yet. You need to press a button before the heating element is activated. Some users actually prefer the non-automatic models, because they have more control over it.

You know where to buy and how to activate your electronic cigarette. One of the most important elements of your electronic cigarette is the battery. Some batteries last for months while others run out of power after a few weeks. This totally depends on the type of battery. Most big e-cigarette models are heavier and contain bigger batteries which last longer. Smaller, tobacco cigarette look-a-like, e-cigarettes have smaller batteries, which last a bit shorter. Still, this depends on the type and quality of the battery.

Most manufacturers place a battery indicator on the e-cigarette. This tells you when you’re running out of battery. However, not all e-cigarettes contain an indicator and when you’re e-cigarettes gets old, but still works perfectly, the indicator could not be as accurate as it was anymore. The best method to be sure is just to try. Inhale your e-cigarette and feel if the vape is strong enough and the right taste. If it’s not, you probably need to recharge your battery.

Most batteries last for a couple of hours. If you would use your e-cigarette non-stop they will last about 2-4 hours, depending on the model. Charging the battery will take a couple of hours too, depending on your charger off course. Most e-cigarettes do also have a light to alert you when the battery is fully charged. Make sure you don’t put you battery in direct sunlight or water. The best way to treat your e-cigarette is like a mobile phone: charge it in time and take good care of it.

The main reason people are addicted to tobacco cigarettes, is nicotine. Electronic cigarettes do also contain nicotine. How can you compare the nicotine in e-cigarettes to tobacco cigarettes? The nicotine in e-cigarettes comes in different flavors. Most cartridges are refillable and so is the nicotine. You can get cartridges with a nicotine level of 17 mg, but also with no nicotine. If you’re a smoker you’ll probably want nicotine when you just started to stop smoking. However, you can decide to reduce nicotine so you won’t experience too much side effect from withdrawing nicotine. The nicotine is processed in the e-liquid that also decided the flavor of your e-cigarette. The e-liquid is made of nicotine, flavor, water and propylene glycol. This last ingredient is also used in several foods and FDA approved in this amount.

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