Six tips to extend your ecig battery life

Six tips to extend your ecig battery life

E-cigarette cigarette can save you a lot of money. If tobacco smoker make the switch to electronic cigarettes it could save them hundreds of dollars a months. This amount can even increase if you know how to get the best out of your battery. The cartridge and battery are the only parts of your e-cigarette you need to change frequently. With these tips you’ll extend the battery life so your e-cigarette saves you even more money.

We used only have AA, C or D-sized batteries. These lasted only a couple of hours before we needed to replace them and throw the throw all the chemicals, harmful for the environment, away. A terrible waste. Nowadays we have lithium-ion polymer batteries, used in e-cigarettes that last a lot longer. The batteries are rechargeable, but after a while you must still replace them.

Most mini batteries used in e-cigarettes last about 175 puffs, standard batteries around 250 and high batteries up to 350. How older your battery is, how lower the amount of puffs will be. With these tips you can keep you battery running for a long time. We summed up some tips to extend your ecig battery life

1. Use it!

It seems a bit odd, you probably expect the opposite, but a battery needs to be used. The batteries in e-cigarettes are made for daily use and they will get lazy if you use it less. The more they perform, the easier power flows through the battery. This goes for cell phones as well. Did you ever try to switch of your phone for a day? Once you switch on the phone, you’ll notice the battery time isn’t the same, it’s almost dead.

2. Store the battery a in safe place.

This is also similar to cellphones. Placing your e-cigarette in the sun, or water will do terrible damage. Direct sunlight on your battery heats the battery really fast and this damaged the battery. The lifespan will be influenced dramatically. I don’t think we need to explain why you shouldn’t let your battery get wet. Be careful not to drop your e-cigarette too: shocks won’t extend your battery’s lifespan.

3. Don’t let your battery drain.

We used to learn that batteries should be completely out of power before charging it: this is not true! Waiting till the battery is fully drained will reduce its life drastic. Compare it with bicycle: it must easier to speeds up when you are already cycling than if you’re standing still. Recharge your battery when it’s about half empty. It might be handy to buy a couple of batteries so you can rotate these. Also don’t store your battery when its half charged: the battery will run out and will be completely drained when you want to use it. The battery needs to work really hard to get going again. Like everything: the harder you work, the shorter the lifespan.

4. Disconnect cartomizer from battery.

As long as the cartomizer is connected to the battery, it’s draining from it. It’s only a little bit so we don’t expect you to disconnect the battery ten times a day. However, if you know you’re not going to use the electronic cigarette for a while, you better disconnect it to save power. In the end, it will extend your battery’s life.

5. Disconnect electronic cigarette when battery is charged.

If your battery is connected, but fully charged it will be overcharging. This can overwork the device and reduce the lifespan of your battery. Only the first time you charge your battery, this does not apply.

6. Clean the contact point between cartomizer and battery.

After using your e-cigarette for a while, the e-cigarette can get dirty. Dust and moisture get inside the e-cigarette. This can ruin your battery. Use a q-tip of a bit of cotton with alcohol to clean the contact point of your battery. Make sure you don’t use water or too much alcohol.

These tips are suitable to manual and automatic electronic cigarettes. If you use an automatic battery make sure you unscrew the battery every day if that’s possible. Another tip for users of manual e-cigarettes: don’t press the button too hard or too long. The button could get stuck resulting in a constant drain of the battery.

With these tips you won’t have to renew your battery that often, saving you even more money.

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