SMOK Nord pod vape - mesh style device for freebase and nicotine salts

Price: 32.99
SMOK Nord pod vape

If you enjoy the flavor from mesh coils but also like a small and portable vape to carry around in your pocket, then the SMOK Nord pod kit is clearly a must. This revolutionary device combines the versatility of a pod system with that of a sub ohm tank and mod combo for one great overall experience. Apart from the interchangeable coils you also get a built-in 1100mAh battery as well as 3ml e-liquid capacity to match your needs.

What to expect from the SMOK Nord vape

The SMOK Nord starter kit comes packed inside a standard cardboard gift box. The vape is available in six colors including Rainbow, Green, Gold, Black, Red, and Black White. With the device you get a refillable 3ml pod, two different coils, and USB cable and the user manual.

A unique thing about this device is the new Anti-counterfeit technology. SMOK now uses a holographic sticker that's nearly impossible to copy. By slightly tilting the box you will see two "S" letters that revolve around the center.

What sets the SMOK Nord kit apart from other vapes

The SMOK Nord is pretty similar to the Novo in terms of design, but it vapes completely differently. This device measures 94 x 30 x 19mm and weighs just around 80 grams. The build quality is really nice and the device has a reasonable amount of weight to it. It feels very nice in the hand due to its ergonomic design and the mouthpiece is very comfortable.

This vape has an on/off button right on the center and the micro-USB slot is placed on the bottom. The button is backlit by a color changing LED, which also acts as the battery indicator. If you press it twice it will light up green, orange or red depending on the remaining charge. The device activates automatically on draw, and the sensor is one of the best we tested.

The SMOK Nord pod and coils

The SMOK Nord is a non-conventional pod system that works with replaceable coils. There are two options out of the box: the 1.4 Ohm "Regular" coil for mouth to lung and the 0.6 Ohm Mesh coil for direct lung hits. There's also a 1.4 Ohm ceramic version which can be purchased separately.

After inserting the coil inside the pod you will need to take off the rubber gasket and fill it up with e-liquid. This device works well with both freebase and nicotine salts e-juices and best VG/PG ratios are 60/40 and 70/30. We do recommend using nicotine salts only with the 1.4 Ohm mouth to lung style coil.

The flavor and vapor production are pretty impressive on both coils, however the 0.6 Ohm Mesh is definitely superior.

SMOK Nord performance

The SMOK Nord pod kit is a clear winner in our books and a device we honestly recommend to vaping beginners or intermediates. The flavor you get from the Mesh coils is amazing considering the size of this device and the 1.4 Ohm mouth to lung atomizers are also quite impressive. The draw is looser than on standard mouth to lung pod vapes, but that's not always a con.

We were also impressed by the battery life, however it does take up to 3h to fully charge it afterwards.

All in all, it's a pretty versatile vape that fits inside any pocket and deliver stellar vapor and flavor.

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