JUUL ecig

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JUUL ecig

When it comes to closed system vaporizers you simply can’t go wrong with the JUUL ecig. This small and ultra portable device is the most popular in its category and for good reason. It delivers great flavor and good vapor production, but most of all it takes care of that nicotine craving like no other electronic cigarette out there. The only downside with it is battery life, but considering how fast it chargers, you can get it going again in no time.


The JUUL ecig comes with everything inside the box and it’s a very easy to use device. You get the battery, the USB charger as well as a selection of four different nicotine pods. These include tobacco, mint, fruits as well as creme brulee.

General features

The JUUL ecig is super small and it will fit any pocket with ease. It’s a closed system vaporizer which means you cannot re-fill the pods with e-liquid. The pods simply slide in the slot at the top and the LED notification light will blink once as it makes contact. The LED light also acts as a battery indicator and all you have to do is tap it twice.

The battery supposedly lasts for around 200 puffs but it all depends on the duration of these puffs. We got around 2-3h of moderate use, but the way we test products doesn’t resemble real life conditions. A normal user would probably get away with 4-6h, if he or she vapes from the JUUL ecig the same way as puffing from an actual cigarette. And considering the high nic concentration you’re probably better off taking a draw or two once every 10 minutes or so.

To recharge the JUUL simply connect the small adapter to your USB port and then put the ecig on top. The LED light will turn green once the battery is full and the whole process takes little under an hour. You can easily take it and for a vape while its charging and then simply put it back on the stand.

The interesting fact about JUUL pods is that they are filled with nicotine salts e-liquids. These are a bit different than regular freebase juices and they allow the body to absorb more nicotine with each puff. To learn more check out our full nicotine salts e-liquids article.

The JUUL pods

The pods have a 5% nicotine concentration, which is 50mg. This is way more than standard e-liquids but the throat hit isn’t as harsh as you might imagine. It’s actually very similar to what a pack-a-day smoker is used to and that’s why the experience is very similar to that of smoking an actual cigarette.

Very satisfied with the JUUL’s Performance

It’s easy to understand why the JUUL ecig is so popular. It does an excellent job at delivering a satisfying nicotine buzz and you can take it with you everywhere. Each pod should last anywhere between 2 – 3 days and replacements are widely available. Vapor production and flavor might not be as amazing as on more powerful, open system vaporizers but in the end it’s all about an experience very similar to that of an actual cigarette. Here is where this product absolutely shines and it’s something we totally recommend.

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