Smoke test by the Mistbusters

Smoke test by the Mistbusters

Electronic cigarettes supposed to be safer than tobacco cigarette. Al least the smoke shouldn’t harm your lungs like tobacco cigarettes do. While tobacco cigarettes leave your lungs looking black and disgusting in scans, electronic cigarette shouldn’t leave any trace. But is this true? Mistbusters gives it a live try.

Tobacco cigarette produce over 400 chemicals, about 60 of those chemicals could cause cancer. Yet, a lot of people continue smoking. Some even get cancer or other diseases. Electronic cigarette don’t contain any tobacco or chemicals like tobacco does. What electronic cigarettes do produce is smoke. Mistbusters tries to figure out what this smoke does to your lungs.

Health risk e-cigarettes

Both Mistbusters have stopped smokes a while ago and want to know the truth behind electronic cigarettes. “The US Food And Drugs Administration (FDA) has never done real research about electronic cigarettes”, the Mistbusters say. “We want to know what e-cigarettes do to our lungs so we are going to try this.”

Smoke e-cigarettes

The Mistbusters have two types of smoking devices: an electronic one and a tobacco cigarette. After a short argument about who’s going to inhale the tobacco smoke, it’s play time. Both Mistbusters exhale the smoke of their device on a white paper towel. After blowing out the smoke they show the paper towel to the camera. The paper towel with tobacco smoke obviously has a brown/yellow spot at the place the Mistbuster blew out the smoke. The paper towel with the electronic smoke is totally blank. It’s a bit wet off course due to the mouth of the Mistbuster, but there’s no spot whatsoever.

To be sure the Mistbusters repeat this the other way around. The one smoking the electronic cigarette switches to a tobacco cigarette and vice versa. Again the paper towel containing tobacco smoke has a brown nasty spot. The paper towel with the smoke of the electronic cigarette is clean.

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